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Thursday 28th May



Good Morning P2

I hope everyone is healthy, happy, feeling good and ready to learn.

Active Numeracy

Today we are going to do some numeracy, which you can do outside in the sunshine.

Yesterday I asked you to think about how we measure time and do some activities to develop your sense of how long a second is.

Today I would like you to do some investigation into how long 1 minute is. This song from yesterday teaches you that there are –

  • 60 seconds in 1 minute
  • 60 minutes in 1 Hour


Watch this ‘Round The Clock’ about 1 minute-


What am I going to do?

I would like you to have fun estimating and recording how many things you can do in 1 minute.

What sort of things?

You could find out things like –

  • How many words can I write in 1 minute?
  • How many star jumps can I do in 1 minute?
  • How much can I draw in 1 Minute?
  • How many times can I jump up and down in 1 minute?

So many ideas………..

How do I record my results?

You could write them down the way I showed you yesterday, or if you are feeling extra smart today you could make a short video  like the kids in ‘Round The Clock?

Don’t forget to post your work on your blog.

Literacy/science/health and wellbeing

Over the past few week you have been learning all about growing and life cycles.

Yesterday you learned about metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis means when something changes from one thing to something totally different.

Frogs and Butterflies start their lives looking totally different from the adult.

Frogs hatch out as tadpoles and Butterflies hatch out as caterpillars

It’s quite amazing if you think about it!

That is why the Butterfly got so puzzled in yesterday’s story. 

Listen to this song about growing up.


If you watch this short film called, ‘Growing Up’ you will have a good laugh at the end.


You have grown and changed a lot since you were born. I would like you to do some investigation into how you have grown and changed since you were a baby.

I would like you to ask your ‘grown up’ to help you find some photos and videos of you as a baby and a toddler.

Have a look at them and think about how much you have changed.

  • What can you do now that you couldn’t do then?
  • What is different about how you look now?

You might want to write down the changes from ‘Baby me’ to ‘Me now’.

I have done one for my son Calum-

Baby Calum


Calum in P2

P2 Calum can now-

  • walk
  • talk
  • read and write
  • do lots of things for himself like eating, getting dressed, going to school…….

Calum looks different from baby Calum. He is –

  • Taller 
  • His face has changed
  • He has more hair
  • His legs and arms are longer
  • He looks like a boy not a baby

I’m looking forward to reading about all of the things you notice about how you have changed and grown since you were born.

In the ‘Growing up’ film the tiny acorn grew into an enormous tree.

It might be fun to think about what you will look like when you grow up.

What changes will have happened then?

What are you looking forward to being able to do?

You could draw a picture of yourself as a ‘grown up’ and add some information about what you think you will be able to do by then.

Here’s a surprise for you. This is what that cute wee boy grew up like-


Don’t forget to share your work on your Glow Blog and check out this week’s Gallery in the P2St ‘Sharing Work  tab.

Have some fun in the sun!

Mrs Strain x

Calum Strain

Team P2



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