Onthank Primary 3

Wednesday 27th May


Hello P2!

I hope you all had a lovely long Bank Holiday weekend.

This is a short work week, and the weather is going to be lovely so hopefully you will get lots of outside fun time.

I have planned some phonics, numeracy and science/topic activities for you this week; with Friday as a ‘catch-up’ day.

Phonics Challenge

I have made up a phonics challenge for you to solve with your family.

Do you remember the joined phonemes we learned with the long ‘oo’ sound?

You might be  a bit ‘rusty’ as it’s been a long time since we’ve been in class.

I’ll give you a bit of help.

Some of these words rhyme-

look, book, hook and cook


blue, clue, true and rescue

Have you guessed?

Our two different phonemes and spelling patterns with the long ‘oo’ sound are-

oo – as in room and look

ue – as in blue and clue

Task- This gallery has photos or clues to help you find 18 words with either the ‘oo’ or the ‘ue’ phoneme in them. Some are easier than others and you might need some help from your ‘grown up’!

You can write your answers down like this and then share them on your Glow Blog page-

(Hint-‘room’ is NOT one of the pictures in the challenge)


Today we are going to think about how we measure time and do some activities that will develop your sense of how long a second is.

Watch this Youtube song about seconds, minutes and hours-


Watch this ‘Round The Clock’ about seconds-


You can do this numeracy challenge outside if you want.

You will need-

  1. Some good ideas
  2. A timer- you can use a phone, tablet, watch or stopwatch
  3. Paper and pens or pencils to record your results
  4. Your estimation skills that you practiced last week with Mrs Kidd   (*remember-an estimate is a ‘sensible’ guess where you try to get as close as possible to the correct number*)

Time Challenge

1.Think of something that you think might only take 1 second to do.

I estimated that it would take 1 second to clap once.

I set a timer and I was correct; it took me 1 second to clap once.

Then I did the same thing to see how many times I could blink in 1 second.

2.Now think of things you could do quite a lot of in 30 seconds.

I timed how many star jumps I could do.

My estimate was 27. Then I set a 30 second timer and counted how many I could do. I beat my estimate because I managed 42!

You can do this as many times as you want for different activities. The whole family might want to join in?

Record and share your results on your Glow Blog  like this-


Life cycles

Over the past few weeks you have been learning about the lifecycles of lots of living things such as plants, birds and frogs. This week we will learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly and what metamorphosis means.

Here is a fun song all about lifecycles-


If you listen to Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson you might get some clues about what metamorphosis means. Think about why the butterfly gets so mixed up when he is trying to help the little monkey find his mum and dad.


Did you work it out?

Watch this SciShow Kids clip to see if you were right and learn more about the lifecycle of a butterfly and metamorphosis-



That’s a lot of work!

 We will learn more about life cycles and metamorphosis tomorrow. 

I have seen some fantastic life cycles you have made at home for chickens and frogs. If you want to make and share a butterfly life cycle then that would be great. 

You could look for some butterflies outside, I’ve seen quite a few in my garden. Can you spot any?

*Also-Remember to check the main school Glow page for information about another Virtual Assembly*

Happy learning!

I’m looking forward to seeing your work on your Glow Blog!

Mrs Strain x

Team P2



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