Onthank Primary 3

Wednesday 20th May


What is the plan today?

Singing. Fun. Getting creative. That’s the plan. ENJOY!

This week is National Mental Health Awareness week and the weather is going to try to be sunnier so let’s not be inside too long today! 



Let’s start thinking about warming your mouth muscles up for singing today. Tongue twisters are great fun and really get your mouth moving.

– Watch this video and see if you can manage to say the twister without stumbling on the words. Can your Homework Buddy do it too? Have fun!

*****Collect something to write with and something to write on*****

– Watch this video and try your best to do it without help.

– Let’s relax now. Watch this story called The Wide Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner. We’ll do a job about it tomorrow.

Want a Challenge?

– We’re going to do a story job tomorrow, so have a little THINK about this.

What are characters?

What is a setting?

Think of some examples and you’ll see what we use them for tomorrow.

– Were you good at the first tongue twister? Here is another one to try out if you want.




Estimate means have a good guess without counting.

– Look at this picture but don’t count yet! Estimate how many sweeties you think you see.

Did you manage to make an Estimation Station to challenge your family?

Who is the best at estimating the number of items you put down?

This week we’ve been thinking about place value. Let’s remind ourselves of Monday’s work. Listen carefully for a NEW WORD in this video that you will hear more about in P3.

– Watch this video

Yesterday, I wanted you to think about counting to 100 by jumping in 10s. This will help us to challenge ourselves to make bigger numbers.

– Write out a number line like this and show me how to jump along the markers in 10s to get to 100. Did you notice the number patterns in the video yesterday that’ll help you? Can you write it jumping down from 100 to 0 in 10s too?

– Watch this video.

Want a Challenge?

*****Collect a dice if you have one, if not, make a set of cards numbered from 1 – 6 like this (you don’t need both)*****

– Watch this video


We’ve been learning about frogs.

Did you bring your singing voices? Here are some songs to try out for fun.

-Watch this video

– Watch this video too. You’ll know this one. Just for fun, be a little silly!

Today, let’s learn how to draw a frog!

On Monday I challenged you to find out about some different kinds of frogs and pay attention to the colours or patterns. This might help during this activity to create unique drawings. Have a shot.

– Watch this video.

Am I done for today then?

Yes you are. Have you had fresh air today? Take a break and relax.

Remember, if you want something different from above go and check out the activities on your mymaths, Bug Club or Teach Your Monster to Read websites.

Rest your voices tonight and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Mrs Kidd & the P2 Team

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