Primary 1 Homework – Week beginning Monday 15th March

Phonics and Spelling

Activity 1: We are learning the sounds ‘qu’ and ‘x’. We are learning the words ‘are’, ‘dad’, ‘not’.

  1. Log into education city. Select “Homework” then “Phonics – qu and x” to play the games.
  2. Log into Sumdog Spelling and complete the work “Homework 15.3”.
  3. Practise spelling each common word 3 times in your spelling jotter.
  4. Use your playdoh to practise making all of the common words in your pack. (Please keep the playdoh at home for future homework tasks).



Activity 1: We are learning to use the sounds we know to read words.

  1. Practise reading all of your common words.
  1. Reading books: Read the reading book that has been sent home in your bag. Please return this book on Friday. This book will then be quarantined to comply with COVID-19 guidelines.

Maths and numeracy

Activity 1: We are learning to build the number stories up to 10.

  1. Log into Sumdog and select “Maths Competition” to take part in this week’s competition.
  2. Use your playdoh to practise making doubles additions calculations. E.g. 1+1=2, 2+2=4. Do this all the way up to 5+5=10.


Talk Together Homework


Talk together homework is designed to develop your child’s talking and listening skills. This will help them with other aspects of literacy.

Top tops-

v  Make sure there are no distractions.

v  Try and sit face to face

v  Don’t ask too many questions

v  The discussion could last between 5-15mins.


This week, talk about: leaves.

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