Primary 3 Coding Fun!

This term we have been working on coding using Scratch.  We have worked on adding backgrounds and including different sprites (characters). We then looked at giving a series of commands which will make the sprites move, speak, change colour and size.  On Friday to show how much we have learned we had to try to animate our names and include a background.

Mrs Davidson is amazed at how quickly we have learned to use this computer programme and the different effects we can add!


Nip Nebbery, pixie pointing and listening lugs 😀😀

On Tuesday the P2 and P3 classes enjoyed a fabulous afternoon in the woodlands (in their separate classes) with the Scots author Susi Briggs.
The P3’s were following up their previous virtual ‘Nip Nebs glossary’ learning with Susi – and seemed to thoroughly enjoy meeting her after all their hard work during lockdown. The P2’s were being introduced to Susi’s enchanting stories for the first time, and also relished hearing the sounds of different Scots  words.
First,  Susi played the new audio book of Nip Nebs, read by the well known actor Gary Lewis, and accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful music  composed by Alan McClure, it was made extra special listening to it in the woods.
Then Susi read the sequel, Nip Nebs and the last Berry  to the children, and after that the children set off to find some mischevious  pixies who had run off in the woods – some very excited ‘pixie pointing ‘ ensued! 🤣🤣
Each pixie had a Scots word attached to them, and once they were all found, Susi and the children figured out what each word meant.
Tuesday was a lovely example of the children enjoying exploring Scots Language – super day! 🥰 Continue reading “Nip Nebbery, pixie pointing and listening lugs 😀😀”

Flight Challenge

Today’s problem solving in Primary 3 was a little bit different.  We were challenged to create a paper aeroplane that would hit a target at a distance of 3 metres.  We had several attempts and made changes to our designs and throwing techniques to see what worked best.  Unfortunately, no one hit the target this week but we had some very near misses.  We decided we would like to try this activity again next week to see if anyone can manage to hit the target.