Ocean Odyssey with GSA Biosphere

This morning, we were delighted to welcome Ribh and Faith from GSA (Galloway and South Ayrshire) Biosphere who had come to deliver a presentation about Ocean Odyssey and the marine life found in and around our shores.

The time was packed with quizzes, activity, matching tasks, questions and chatting about a information powerpoint. Below are just a few of the facts that we noted down…

Galloway Forest Park
Inside zone – peatlands       Outside zone – Galloway Forest Park
Transition zone – areas where people live and work
Marine Life
Basking shark – Scottish. They eat plankton – water leaves through gills
Atlantic salmon – Scottish. They live in freshwater and saltwater. Live in rivers/lochs to breed. Then leave to seas/oceans to grow. Change colour to adapt to water type.
Crocodile- not Scottish!. Not warm enough here!
Bottlenose dolphin- Scottish. Eyes at side of head – almost 360 vision! (like a teacher perhaps?!)
Loch Ness monster – Scottish?? Is it real….
Grey seal – Scottish. Babies born white and furry which keeps them warm.
Penguins – not Scottish! Not native. Live in the Antarctica. In the South.
Common whelk empty shells looked amazing!  Looked like Rice Crispies 🤣

Lesser spotted dogfish and Thornback Ray – empty shell casings looked and felt a bit plastic but weren’t!

Plastic is originally made from fossil fuels. Takes from 20-1000 years to breakdown. More than 40% is only used once.

Polyester is plastic. This is in your clothes!

Glass jar – plastic round seal.

Bubble gum – in wrapper. Also in actual gum. Makes it stretchy.

Suncream – bottle, lid and actual lotion!

Teabag – glue down sides of bag

Cans – lined with plastic to keep products fresh.

Paper cups – plastic coating so they don’t disintegrate. 95% paper!

How plastic ends up in sea – littering, from boats, industrial waste, over-fishing, over-flowing bins, flushing things down toilet, draining micro plastics down sink/shower from hygiene products. Shampoo, shower gel etc… washing machine takes micro plastics from clothing.

We talked about ways in which we could all do our little bit to help. Ribh and Faith were impressed to see so many reusable water bottles! We are hoping to plan a Beach Clean for next term – and now we know so much more about some of the things we might find on the beach too!

Thank you GSA Biosphere!

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