Leswalt’s Eco Superstars on COP26

So COP26 is taking place just 2hours up the road from us and Glasgow is on the centre-stage for this high profile Climate Change conference. Leswalt Primary pupils have been keeping up-to-date with the latest from COP 26 in school this week. They talked about how their recent Learning for Sustainability work, and the plans of the Eco-Committee, links to the subjects being discussed by world leaders and eco campaigners this week  at COP 26. But, as one P5 rightly pointed out, it is actually an area in which we can , and should, all be involved in trying to do our bit!

Mrs McKnight signed us all up to be part of the Old Vic staging of The Lorax – a Dr Seuss story which highlights the need to look after our planet. We were super lucky to be one of the schools who were able to access this live! It was a fabulous and thought-provoking production which the pupils really enjoyed.

P5-7 pupils tuned into daily COP 26 updates and wrote open letters to COP 26 persuading leaders to act now for the benefit of future generations.

Pupils then put their technology and eco knowledge into action by working in groups to plan and produce short iMovies with the title ‘A Minute of Us’. The remit of this task was to work as a team to offer an insight into what eco work we are doing as a school, what our beautiful area means to us and what action we can all take to help in this worldwide campaign. The children loved putting their videos together! I hope you enjoy the children’s work – they certainly made us smile! Can you spot any budding TV presenters in there….?!

Councillors Consult Our Eco Committees

Our combined Eco Committees received a visit from Dumfries and Galloway Councillors Ros Surtees (Vice Chair of Education and Learning Committee) and Dougie Campbell (Environment Champion) yesterday.

Ms Surtees and Mr Campbell are keen to encourage schools throughout the region to become Eco Schools just like ours.  They have heard of the North Rhins Partnership’s good work in this area and wanted the opportunity to talk to our children as to how we have made being Eco schools so successful.  They hope to use our example as a model to promote others to participate in this very important award scheme.  It couldn’t be  more timely with COP26 very much on everyone’s agenda.

The children had a wealth of ideas and suggestions to share.  The councillors praised everyone for their passion and enthusiasm, saying what an inspiration and credit they are to us all. Olivia presented a PowerPoint message that she had created in her own time.  This was filled with strategies and tips we can all take onboard at home to help protect the planet. Aiden gave the message of the day when asked what he would say to schools that think they are too busy for Eco Schools, he replied, “You are never too busy for the world!”

Here are our responsible citizens engaged in purposeful discussion.






Have a look at Olivia’s presentation for yourselves here:

Eco Presentation – Copy

They really are our own ENVIRONMENT CHAMPIONS!