Active Alphabet Fun!

Many thanks to Active Schools for their recent delivery of the letters of the alphabet for their upcoming initiative Alphabet Street!

Leswalt gladly took delivery of their letters – and promptly put them to good use spelling out their own message! See below…

As we are on the move to share Kirkcolm’s school and playground very soon whilst our exciting refurbishment gets under way, we will store out alphabet letters for the moment and plan some fun with them on our return! Meanwhile, we will enjoy using Kirkcolm’s letters to participate in the Active Schools Challenges. Thanks Active Schools Team!

Leswalt collaborates with Feis Rois!

P5-7 enjoyed Feis Rois with a difference last term – as their weekly lessons were delivered via Microsoft Teams to their own living rooms!

Jamie and Emily, who are multi-instrument musicians with Feis Rois, led our lessons which had us listening to and identifying different musical genres, participating in Scottish and Gaelic action songs and, rather excitingly, working collaboratively to create a sound postcard!

This involved the pupils who participated in the weekly meetings recording sound effects and an extract each of the spooky local story ‘The Phantom Piper of Dunskey’. Rose designed the artwork for the postcard which was then produced into a final piece incorporating the drawing plus a QR code which can be scanned to hear the story production! Very clever stuff.

Thanks to Malcolm, Aidan, Rose, Noah, Breagh, Murray, Thomas, Tristan and Struan for the story recordings.

Check us out below with the finished articles and our class ipads which we used to scan the QR codes and listen to our work.

P5-7 achieve their Playleaders Awards!

This morning, P5-7 enjoyed their second and final session with Laura McClymont from Active Schools, which resulted in them all being awarded with their Young Sports Leader ‘Playleader’ awards!

Their introductory session was just before the Christmas break and the class took some planning time this week to refresh their memories and organise a game which they could then deliver to their schoolmates.

They needed to think about organisation, safety, groupings and rules. An extra challenge was to go ‘equipment-free’ if possible!

What a range of games were played! The pupils had created a wide choice of games including: Rome Tig, RaRa Relays, Spire Tig, Minecraft Mayhem, Warmongers, Cat and Mouse, Hide n’ Tig, Catch the Villager and Rounders Catch! Laura was most impressed!

Certificates to follow. These are recognised national awards at level 2 – go P5-7!

Well done all!

Share a Smile for Red Nose Day 2021

We’ve had a fantastic week being all back together and today topped it all off with our Share a Smile for Red Nose Day celebrations!

Pupils and staff came to school dressed casually or as superheroes for a small donation. Red noses had literally being flying off the shelves all week, superhero masks were designed, pupils enjoyed Red Nose Day activities and found out more about this charitable event; what it does and the many who benefit from the generous fund-raising!

In the afternoon, we all enjoyed watching the many Talent videos which had been sent in from entrants across the North Rhins Trio. From drumming to dancing; horse-riding to golf; impressions to table tennis and scootering to gymnastics – the wealth of talent across all three of our schools was clear to see!

Every pupil had one vote and, once these had been cast, we headed outside to enjoy the Spring sunshine. Some helped Mrs Richardson with some gardening whilst the rest played octopus tig with Mrs McKnight and Mrs F.

Just before 3pm, Mrs Baillie popped out to reveal the results! Leswalt’s runner-up was Breagh with her horse-riding and the winner was Murray with his scooter skills!

We had a great day whilst raising money for a very good cause (the total to follow).

Many smiles were shared at Leswalt!



Leswalt does Scots Week – Virtual Style!

So we may not be physically in the same building, but does that stop the pupils of Leswalt Primary from taking part in their annual Scots Week Celebration? No chance!

The children – with the help of their parents- have been writing out their poems for the handwriting competition and creating their own artistic interpretation of their poem. Massive thanks must go out to all the families who have contributed their efforts to this. It is hugely appreciated.

Below is just a sample of some of the amazing work which has been emailed to teachers. Wow! We’ve very proud of you all.

To take things even one step further, we have our very own North Rhins Inter-School Burns Competition this Friday! Our invited judge for this year, the well-known Burns enthusiast Mr Alec Ross, has the unenviable task of judging the handwriting, artwork and recitations across our partnership. Mr Ross has already shared his Burns recitations, and given the back story to the poems, to help support our Scots week. I’m sure many of you have watched and enjoyed these!

This year pupils are working on:

p1 – Wee rid motor – Sandy Thomas Ross (8 lines)

p2 – Nessie by JK Annand (12 lines)

p3 – The Circus by JK Annand (16 lines)

p4 – Fireworks aff the castle by Matthew Fitt (20 lines)

P5 – Magic Pizza by Alison Fitt (20 longer lines)

P6 – The Whistle – Charles Murray (36 lines)

P7 – Any Robert Burns poem or excerpt of their choice eg To a Moose, Address to a Haggis etc…

Are you working hard on those recitations?

Can’t wait to hear you!

Tune in this Friday at 9.30am via Teams for our very own Scots TV!


Party Party at Leswalt!

What a fantastic week we’ve had at Leswalt Primary!

The P1-4 class enjoyed their party on Wednesday afternoon, with P5-7’s turn on Thursday afternoon. House Captains Andrew and Gregor had organised a fun-filled afternoon of dancing and games with a quick snack refuel as a mid-afternoon break! They played the ever-popular Snowman game, Christmas Corners, Musical Bells and Reindeer Relay  to name just a few. Some fabulous dancing moves were on display too! Happy smiley children made us all feel very Christmassy!

Unfortunately, Covid-19 restrictions meant that Santa wasn’t able to appear in person but he had communicated with the Parent Council who were able to carry out his wishes and have the presents delivered ready for the children to open as they took a quick break from their party fun! They LOVED their gifts and there were some very excited squeals as the paper was ripped off! A delicious party snack and the children were all ready for some more partying!

The Christmas parties were fabulous – full of lots of giggles and cheery faces! Thank you to all those who helped to make it special – including a big thank you to the Leswalt Community Association for supporting our Christmas parties and in-school festivities, by using the funding they received from the D&G Council Christmas grant 2020. Much appreciated!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Developing Leadership Skills at Leswalt

Huge thanks to Laura McClymont from Active Schools for popping by Leswalt and delivering Playmakers session 1 out of 2 to Primary 5-7.

The pupils discussed ‘what it means to be a good leader’ – offering up keywords such as sportsmanship, including everyone, encouragement, clear instructions and planning organised sessions.

Some of the older pupils have worked on some aspects of Playmakers before and are acting as mentors to the younger pupils, with then end result to be a planned activity session with groups of children from P1-4.

Laura will be back with us on Friday of our first week back in 2021 for session 2. The pupils have been tasked with writing up their lesson plan for then – time to get our thinking caps on!

Green Fingers at Leswalt Primary for Fresh Air Friday!

It was such a joy to be outside today for Fresh Air Friday, as we learnt about food chains, sustainability, recycling, eco-systems and the planting calendar  – whilst developing our teamwork, communication and listening skills in a real-life context which we can use outwith school too. A win:win situation! It has to be said, this could not be done without us having  Mrs Richardson working with us, as her knowledge about gardening far surpasses ours! We are extremely lucky!

As a group, we got chatting about what we would like to achieve in our playground and, collating the ideas of children and with some top tips of her own, Mrs Richardson was able to come up with an action plan! We’re ready, willing and, even more importantly, now have some guidance about what needs to be done to tidy up and prepare the soil for planting!

The pupils enthusiastically offered some suggestions and, working in a group of 8, set to work. Mrs Richardson will be working with us weekly – and will take groups of 8 pupils (a mix from P1-4 and P5-7) to help realise our plans.

Pupils will be encouraged to bring old clothes to school for their gardening stint – which will be on a Friday afternoon unless the weather forecast suggests another afternoon might be better! We will keep an eye on weather reports to see what suits best each week. We might also be looking for some assistance from the community, as our plans unfurl, in the form of cuttings, seeds, planters and tyres. We’ll be in touch…

This afternoon really had the feel-good factor!