And they marched them up to the top of the hill….. and they marched them down again!

As part of their Social Studies topics, both P1-4 and P5-7 classes have been learning and discussing their local environment. Today we headed for a jaunt up to the Agnew Monument at the top of the hill – it’s on our school jumpers so we wanted to get a closer look and find out more about it!

Initially the rain literally stopped play – so we waited until the skies cleared, donned our hi-vis jackets and off we went. Blue skies encouraged us up the hill and all the pupils did remarkably well – some just needing a little encouragement from their buddies and parent helpers to keep going.

Once at the top, we challenged one another to spot Leswalt, the school, Stranraer and the ferries at Cairnryan. What a fabulous view we had! We all sang Happy Birthday to Rose (she’ll remember her 9th birthday for sure!) then Mrs Baillie took a few snaps of all the boys and girls standing by the monument. We found out that the monument was built as a memorial to Sir Andrew Agnew who was a prominent MP for the area back in the 1800s. Interestingly, there is a crypt in the old graveyard which P5-7 pupils spotted on their Tuesday adventures, which has the Agnew name on it too. We are presuming the Agnew name was a very important one – and Thomas assured us it still is!

As we stood and admired the view from the top, we did notice a rather grey cloud gathering pace and so we hot-footed it back down the hill towards school. We didn’t quite manage to dodge the rain though! Never mind, with the little stalwarts that we have at Leswalt, they headed back to school full of chat and giggles – if perhaps a little soggy!

What a lovely end to the week! Check out the smiling faces below…

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