Scots Showcase Assembly

Our celebration of all things Scots this week culminated with family and friends joining us for our Scots Showcase Assembly. The handwriting, artwork and recitation winners received their certificates, the winners recited their poems and both classes entertained with Scots songs; P1-3 had some great adaptations to ‘Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus!’ and P4-7 sang Caledonia and ‘Daphne Cochrane’ – a great action song!

The winners were:

P1 – ‘Ode tae a spider’ – Recitation winners : 1. Colin McGregor; 2. Roman Haver; 3. Rachael Drummond:

Illustration winner – Ruby McMillan : Handwriting winner – Roman Haver

P2 – ‘Twa legged mice’ – Recitation winners : 1.Ela Chang; 2. Ewan Clark; 3. Ellie Bennewith :

Illustration winner –Ewan Clark : Handwriting winner – Ela Chang

P3 – ‘Sair finger’ – Recitation winners : 1.Hamish McGregor; 2.Cara Jamieson; 3.Carys McHallum:

Illustration winner –Mark Drummond : Handwriting winner – Faye Adams

P4 – ‘The Bogle’ – Recitation winners : 1. Alexander Clark; 2. Struan Scott; 3. Fraser Reid :

Illustration winner – Fraser Reid : Handwriting winner – Noah Gaw

P5 – ‘Wee Kirk moose’ – Recitation winners : 1. Breagh Kirkpatrick; 2. Aidan Adams; 3. Malcolm McGregor & Murray Williams:

Illustration winner – Murray Williams : Handwriting winner – Malcolm McGregor

P6 – ‘Wullie wastle’ – Recitation winners : 1.Gregor Reid; 2. Jack Cloy; 3. Joshua Obonyo:

Illustration winner –Luke McHallum : Handwriting winner – Chloe Kennedy

P7 – ‘Address to the haggis’ – Recitation winners : 1.Phoebe Gaw; 2.Auryn Kirkpatrick; 3. Erin Jamieson & Finlay Scott : Illustration winner – Finlay Scott : Handwriting winner – Erin Jamieson.

We’ve all had a richt guid time! And we hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

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