Spooky Shenanigans at Leswalt!

OOOOOH! If you were to pop into Leswalt Primary this afternoon, you might have got a bit of a fright! From witches to Egyptians; Batgirl to Cruella de Vil, vampires to zombie brides…. there wasn’t a Leswalt Primary pupil in sight!

This party was organised by Phoebe and Auryn the House Captains – and what a wonderful job they did of it!

The costume winners were:

P1 – Colin

P2 – Ela

P3 – Kaiden

P4 – Alexander

P5 – Breagh

P6 – Andrew

P7 – Auryn

The pupils enjoyed a game of Tramp’s Tea-party, followed by ‘Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin’. There was lots of giggling as they played Pumpkin Bumps, followed by a game of Scary Corners.

Finally, everyone enjoyed some cool disco-dancing and had the chance to ‘Dook for Apples’ if they wanted a shot – there were a few wet faces!

Joshua, Kaiden and their mum Natasha had very kindly made up Halloween goody bags for every pupil, so these were handed out as everyone was leaving.

What a wonderful afternoon! Thanks Auryn and Phoebe!



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