A Braw Scots Showcase Assembly

What a fabulous celebration of all things Scottish at Leswalt Primary’s Showcase Assembly! The children had worked very hard throughout the month of January on their Scots poems; writing them out in their most beautiful handwriting, creating pieces of Artwork to accompany their poem and learning their poem in order to recite it with gusto. In addition to recognising every child’s hard work and celebrating and enjoying listening to the recitation winners, the assembled parents and friends were treated to Scots songs from P1-3 and P4-7. The younger pupils raised many a smile with their re-enactment of that well-loved song ‘Three Craws’ whilst the older pupils used their own lyrics to the song ‘If you will marry me’ to tell of a young lad who is trying to win the heart of a lass, only to have second thoughts as their song unfolds! Such a fun afternoon celebrating Scottish culture.


Burns results  – Friday 25 January 2019

P1 – ‘Mince and Tatties’ – Recitation winners : 1. Ela Chang & Hamish Scott; 2.Ewan Clark; 3. Ellie Bennewith:

Illustration winner – Ellie Bennewith : Handwriting winner – Ewan Clark


P2 – ‘Donkey Ride – Recitation winners : 1. Hamish McGregor; 2.Carys McHallum; 3. Faye Adams :

Illustration winner –Mark Drummond : Handwriting winner – Faye Adams


P3 – ‘Street Talk’ – Recitation winners : 1. Alexander Clark; 2.Noah Gaw; 3.Thomas Clark:

Illustration winner –Noah Gaw: Handwriting winner – Noah Gaw


P4 – ‘The Heron’ – Recitation winners : 1. Aidan Adams; 2. Malcolm McGregor; 3. Breagh Kirkpatrick:

Illustration winner – Murray Williams : Handwriting winner – Aidan Adams


P5 – ‘Twins’ – Recitation winners : 1stequal. Chloe Kennedy & Gregor Reid;  3. Jack Cloy:

Illustration winner – Jack Cloy : Handwriting winner – Chloe Kennedy


P6 – ‘The Evacuee’ – Recitation winners : 1.Phoebe Gaw; 2. Erin Jamieson; 3.Auryn Kirkpatrick:

Illustration winner –Phoebe Gaw: Handwriting winner – Phoebe Gaw


P7 – ‘Address to the haggis / Willie Wastle’ – Recitation winners : 1.Charlotte Gaw; 2.Jenna Calderwood; 3.Eva Ferguson:

Illustration winner – Millie Smith : Handwriting winner – Charlotte Gaw.