Maths Week Scotland!

Today kicked off our ‘Maths Week Scotland’ fun – Leswalt style! The boys and girls had a get-together this morning and chatted about the fact that Maths really is Everywhere – from Mrs F’s morning routine of the buzzing alarm clock to how many spoons of coffee and sugar she needed, to the shapes, time and numbers they could spot all around them in school.

Maths in Art was our first theme; with the infants looking at the shapes and patterns of the artist Paul Klee and P4-7 investigating parabolic curves and hearing about the free-hand line work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.

Maths in Computing had the P1-3 pupils using online sites Sum Dog and Education City (use those Sum dog log-ins at home as part of the national competition too!) The P4-7 class were busy coding using Scratch . Their challenge was to try and write a program to spell the word LESWALT. They used the sheets with the instructions as a starter but we’re hoping to try and code our own instructions as a next step.

Maths Outside had P4-7 heading off to tackle Mrs Ferguson’s Maths Challenge. Working in pairs the pupils needed to identify lots of examples of shapes, angles, measuring and number tasks. It was good fun!

Family members were invited in for some baking fun! Yum yum – using our counting and weighing skills we enjoyed making some delicious tray bakes with our classmates and family. P1-3 made ‘Fifteens’ and P4-7 made Rocky Road!

Don’t forget our optional Maths Homework Challenge of creating a collage on the theme ‘Maths is Everywhere’.

. Keep your eye on our blog to find out what we’ve been up to – photos of P1-3 have been added too!