Say NO to Smoking with the Breath Project

P4-7 were lucky enough to meet Prof Lockhart from the University of the West of Scotland yesterday and hear all about COPD (and its links to smoking) in our area. This presentation is designed to teach primary pupils about the dangers associated with smoking and hopefully, completely put them off trying it out in the future!

The children learnt some shocking facts and got to work around 4 activity stations; the peak flow meter, identifying the healthy model lung, COPD keywords word search and re-creating a model lung using a bottle and balloons. Time was a little against us, but I know all would agree it was a fun afternoon tackling a very serious subject. The pupils will continue to do some work on the ‘No Smoking’ message this week.


P4-7 Visit to the Wigtown Book Festival!

On Monday the 24th of September P4-7 went on a bus with Kirkcolm to Wigtown Book Festival. We went to see an Author called Gareth P.Jones who sang us songs about Death or Ice-cream and The twins who kept on trying to kill each other! He also talked about his new book-The Daily Joker. The Daily Joker has a joke for every single day of the entire year! He also had some of his other books on sale like Class of the Robot, Beards from Outer Space and the Ninja Meerkat series. Everyone laughed very much at his jokes and songs – and we’re more than sure to say that everyone enjoyed their trip to Wigtown Book Festival!


Reporters – Millie and Eva



Green Screen Training!

Last week primary 4/7 had Miss Creighton in to show them how to use the green screen.

Miss Creighton taught us how to use Serif Movie Plus a computer program and the green screen kit the school had received. We learnt how to build up the green screen then used Serif Movie Plus to do our slide show. The slide show was like magic because you were at the school but on the computer it looked as if you in Scotland somewhere else! We took each other’s photos, uploaded them to the computer and imported them into the program. Miss Creighton is a Stem advisor. A big thank you to Miss Creighton for coming in to show us how to use this cool piece of equipment!

Reporter – Kirstie P7

Maths is Everywhere – family homework challenge!

As part of Maths Week Scotland, the Clark, Millar, McHallum, Adam, Drummond and Agnew families created these amazing collages! Look at the work that went into these. From farming matters to baking, maths around the world to maths and our toys and in our homes – the boys and girls (and their helpful families) had thought of so many examples of maths being everywhere around us!

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Maths Week Scotland!

Today kicked off our ‘Maths Week Scotland’ fun – Leswalt style! The boys and girls had a get-together this morning and chatted about the fact that Maths really is Everywhere – from Mrs F’s morning routine of the buzzing alarm clock to how many spoons of coffee and sugar she needed, to the shapes, time and numbers they could spot all around them in school.

Maths in Art was our first theme; with the infants looking at the shapes and patterns of the artist Paul Klee and P4-7 investigating parabolic curves and hearing about the free-hand line work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.

Maths in Computing had the P1-3 pupils using online sites Sum Dog and Education City (use those Sum dog log-ins at home as part of the national competition too!) The P4-7 class were busy coding using Scratch . Their challenge was to try and write a program to spell the word LESWALT. They used the sheets with the instructions as a starter but we’re hoping to try and code our own instructions as a next step.

Maths Outside had P4-7 heading off to tackle Mrs Ferguson’s Maths Challenge. Working in pairs the pupils needed to identify lots of examples of shapes, angles, measuring and number tasks. It was good fun!

Family members were invited in for some baking fun! Yum yum – using our counting and weighing skills we enjoyed making some delicious tray bakes with our classmates and family. P1-3 made ‘Fifteens’ and P4-7 made Rocky Road!

Don’t forget our optional Maths Homework Challenge of creating a collage on the theme ‘Maths is Everywhere’.

. Keep your eye on our blog to find out what we’ve been up to – photos of P1-3 have been added too!



Welcome Feis Rois!

What a wonderful musical experience P4-7 enjoyed today with a visit from Sean and Paul from Feis Rois. They will be joining us every Tuesday for most of term 1 and 2. The pupils loved listening to them playing Scottish music on their guitar and whistle/flute. Lots of foot-tapping! We then joined in singing a Gaelic name song together and a Matt McGinn song ‘Coorie Doon’. We talked about the meanings of the Scots words and learnt the song melody as Paul accompanied us on his guitar. What great fun – it certainly put a smile on all of our faces! Happy Tuesday – roll on next week!