150 Year Celebrations

As you are aware, Kirkcowan School will celebrate 150 years in May 2012. I am pleased to present the final programme of events.

Main Events

Thurs 19th April: Whole School Photograph to commemorate the event. Photographs will be available for families to purchase at a cost of £7.50.

Friday 11th May: Peek at the Past Pupils will be invited to dress up from a chosen period and experience school as it was then.

Saturday 12th May : Celebratory Tea Dance St Couan’s Hall, Kirkcowan at 2pm. Tickets: £3 per adult/£1 per child

Friday 18th May: Time Capsule Ceremony Kirkcowan School at 2pm. Regrettably due to fire regulations/capacity, this event will be by invitation only.

Saturday 26th May: Reunion Ceilidh St Couan’s Hall, Kirkcowan 7-11pm. Tickets: £5 per adult/£2 per child. A buffet will be provided.

Saturday 16th June: Coffee Afternoon/Showcase of Children’s Work and Display of Old Photographs. St Couan’s Hall, Kirkcowan, 2-4pm.

Getting Involved

Tall Tales and Short Trousers, An Unofficial History of Kirkcowan School Primary 6 & 7 pupils will be collecting and collating stories and memories from former pupils and staff to record an unofficial history of Kirkcowan School entitled ‘Tall Tales and Short Trousers’. If you have any amusing, inspiring or heart-filled stories you would like to share we’d love to hear from you.

News Release Pupils from primaries 3-5 will be recording the events to prepare a press release in June. This work will also be showcased at the Coffee Afternoon.

Commemorative Garden Children from the nursery and primary 1 & 2 will be creating a garden to commemorate the event.

Please keep an eye on this blog for updates.

16 thoughts on “150 Year Celebrations”

  1. Thanks Connor. I am really excited about it too. Lots to do though so will need lots of help from all the boys and girls at Kirkcowan School. Having seen all the good work you’ve done lately I know I can count on you.

  2. Dear Mrs Caldwell and Miss Skilling

    I am writing to you today to speak about 250 Anniversary.I think it will be a [HUGE] success do you?

    Firstly I think not 1 not 2 but [3] party’s.I hope it is a big success.Do you?.Do we need to ware school uniform at the party at the school?

    Next I thought the time capsule was a brilliant idea.Did you?.Another Humongous idea was the barbecue.The first time I herd about this sparkling idea I stopped what I was doing and went in to dream land.

    Thirdly I [GASPED] when I herd about the fabulous tea dance in the village hall.Another incredible fact is the time capsule and the cairn.[A cairn is like a tower but made out of stone].

    Finally when I herd about the wonderful idea.It was a ceilidh I thought it was a great idea.

    Thank you Mrs Caldwell and Miss Skiling.

    your Sincerly
    Connor smith

  3. Dear all!

    Well done to all the people who won the panda leaflet competition!Well done to Ellis and all the runners up!I hope you are all happy with the results,well I know I am!I hope Ellis is having fun with Tian Tian!

    I hope everyone has fun at the 150 year celebration!I know it will be very exciting!

    Also a big well done to the people who were picked by Mrs Caldwell for the 150 year logo design!I can’t wait to see who gets their design on a coin and gets to put the time capsule in!

    I was sooooooooooo excited when I heard what we are all doing for the 150 year celebration!Not one party,not two but THREE parties!Wow I am excited! I hope everyone has a good time at the “THREE Parties”,I know it will succeed!I mean it is our motto “Together We Succeed”!

    By the way I hope Mrs Caldwell is reading this!I like the medals that came!I like the same as you I like the silver one!I also like the gold one with the writing and the idea of the badge!

    I hope it all works out everybody!

    From Karen P5!

  4. Dear Mrs Caldwell I was wondering what kind of jobs will I have to do? and will I get homework?

  5. Dear Mrs.Caldwell

    I think the 150 Anniversery is going to go of like a [shooting star!].

  6. Hi Mrs Caldwell,Miss Skilling,Mrs Stevenson and Mr Macadam!

    I thought world book day was sooooo exciting!
    I loved dressing up!The story was really fun to watch!I loved Leonas flip!The story turned out great!I am having fun with my new book “How to train your dragon”!The book swap was fun too!


  7. Connor and Mrs Caldwell I would love to help you tidy!I wouldn’t mind either at break and lunch!I just want to help tidy the school!

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