P3/4/5 Knights and Castles showcase and Galloway Falconry Display

On Wednesday 22nd February P3/4/5 entertained a large audience of parents and family members as they shared what they have learned from their Knights and Castles topic. The pupils also sang (and some acted!) a song about a handsome knight and set up activities for their parents to do based on the topic afterwards. Galloway Falconry arrived later and the pupils and parents had a chance to handle the birds of prey, including a white tailed sea eagle with an 8ft wingspan, falcon and owl. The visitors were a fantastic way to finish the topic. Below are photographs of work by the pupils displayed in the classroom and the falconry display.

Well done P3/4/5 what a lot of hard work and effort!


13 Responses to “P3/4/5 Knights and Castles showcase and Galloway Falconry Display”

  • The birds of prey was a great way to end our topic. It was a once in a life time experience. Thank you Mrs Stevenson!

  • I would just like to thank Mrs Stevenson for organising the massive surprise.I loved it when Bobby, Asbo, Murray and the other birds came out.I also loved it when Bobby went na to Grant.I liked it when Asbo saw Murray his feathers popped out of nowhere.I was amazed when the white tailed sea eagle Murray came out it was Huge.I thought asbo was so cute.Thank you Mrs Stevenson.

  • The birds of prey were cool and scary

  • I really liked the birds of prey when they came out of their cages.

  • I would just like to thank Mrs Stevenson for organising a wonderful ending to our topic i love the birds of prey! Thanks Again Evie.

  • I really enyoyed our topic on knights and castles.I liked when all the parents came to see our work.But the best part was the birds of prey. Thankyou Mrs Stevenson fromJemma

  • Thanks Mrs Stevenson alot for the birds of prey and for being so helpful to us.

  • Dear p3/4/5 and Mrs Stevenson

    I enjoyed the knights and castle showcase just as much as you did.I thought Mrs Stevenson put lots of effort into this fantastic knights and castles topic.I am going to say what I enjoyed about this topic.

    Firstly I enjoyed learning about Kenneth MacAlpin the first king of Scotland.Some facts are he defeated the Vikings.His brother Bran got killed in battle.

    Secondly I thought the showcase was a fantastic success.I liked the fact when Bobby went[na na] to Grant.It was like he was saying no to Grant.

    Next I liked it when Asbo [stands for a small brown owl] I liked it when Asbo saw Murray the white tailed sea eagle Asbo’s fur shot up just like a shooting star.Do you know when Asbo will learn that he is to small to fight Murray?

    Fourthly I loved it when the birds done the toilet it was funny.I couldn’t believe my eyes of the size of Murray.His wing is the size of Grant with his hand up.

    finally I thought the topic was a great success.there are lots more things I enjoyed about this topic.I am sure you all loved this topic.Thank you Mrs Stevenson.

    yours Sincerly

    Connor smith

  • Hi.
    Sorry for putting in a coment soooo late!But I loved the birds of prey and the showcase!It was fantastic!As Libby said it “WAS” a once and a lifetime chance!Thank you for making a greatful ending to our topic!


  • There’s me holding a bird with my hand on my hip soooo funny hehe!I am sooo exusted from gymnastics I am almost falling asleep doing this coment!It was awsome!

    It WAS funny when the birds done the toilet!I have go to say Bobby was the funniest owl!He kept saying na to Grant!It was halarious!Hehe!

  • I really enjoyed the birds.

    by Keiran

  • P3/4/5 gave us a great presentation on Knights & Castles – what a lot of hard work went into the topic. It was lovely to see them take part in the Falconry display, just a shame about the weather keeping us indoors. Well done to Mrs Stevenson & P3/4/5, a great, entertaining and educational afternoon. Can’t wait to be invited to the next one.

  • Dear Mrs Stevenson,
    I love the weather and climate topic so much! but I’m so sad that we had to end our castles topic! i love doing all topics and I especially enjoyed the birds of prey the owl Bobby did the toilet on me nearly it was hilarious! Asbo was sooo cute it was funny when they got Murray the sea eagle out and the owl Asbo’s feather’s puffed up it was funny! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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