Trip to Edinburgh enjoyed by all!

On the 2nd of February 2018 p5-7 pupils of Kirkcowan and Wigtown School went to Edinburgh to visit the Parliament Building and Dynamic Earth. We all woke up super early, everybody was so tired even the teachers! It was a long tedious drive to Edinburgh with a few stops. We finally got to Edinburgh and we parked next to Dynamic Earth and we went in we put all our bags in a box and we ate our snack. Then we went down stairs in to a classroom and we talked about climate change and global warming, it was really interesting. After that we went on an amazing tour, starting with the big bang and how the Earth was formed, right through the dinosaur era, ice age, climate zones and finishing in the rainforest. The most spectacular part of the whole experience was the 4D cinema where you actually felt like you were flying a plane over the world!
After lunch we moved on to Parliament where Finlay Carson (MSP) met us and gave us a tour of the building and told us about his job. It was really cool when we got to sit in the debating chamber seats where real MSPs would sit. It helped us to remember what we had learned about Parliament and elections during our class topic. It was a great experience. Even better, the sun shone all day. We returned home around 7.30pm tired but happy.
By Lennon and Jonty (Kirkcowan Press Committee)

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  1. I thought the trip was amazing, it summarised all our learning on ‘Energy’ in term 1 and ‘Parliament’ in term 2. Great attitude and behaviour from all pupils contributed to the success of the trip – well done everyone!

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