Local Primary Schools and Scottish Opera come together to delight with a performance of ‘The Dragon of the Western Sea’.

The Scottish Opera visited the Machars on Thursday 22nd March to organise a play ‘The Dragon of the Western Sea’ focused on the Chinese age. Pupils in P5-7 from Kirkcowan, Wigtown, Whithorn and Garlieston all had different roles in the play. Wigtown were the Pirates, Whithorn were Africans, and Kirkcowan and Garlieston both joined together as Indians.
On the day all four schools had their own song to sing plus various other songs which the whole group sang together. They learned actions to the songs and even got to dress up in amazing, eye catching costumes. After jam packed rehearsals all morning, pupils ended the day with a performance to their family and friends.
Here are some quotes from Kirkcowan pupils: Jessie Wallace: “I thought it was really good because everyone knew what they were doing and we all enjoyed it!”
Skye Wallace: “I loved it because we didn’t make any mistakes! The opera singers were absolutely amazing to listen to”
Ruby Ellis: “It was really good and we were really good at singing the sound was so loud because there were so many of us!”
As you can tell the pupils had a brilliant time and so did the audience …we won’t be forgetting the experience anytime soon!

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