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Day 5…Home time

Well we are all packed but have random socks etc which belong to Mr Nobody so if you have missing items please items please ask!


The disco was enjoyed by all & it was a gossiping late night full of all the adventures about the week.  Their planned all nighter? lasted until 1am!

Still we were up by 7, beds stripped, bags packed & breakfast by 8.30.

We’re now off to our final activities of bottle rockets, team challenge assault course & outdoor laser…


See you all soon 😉

Day 4


mud,mud,mud but fun, fun, fun.
mud,mud,mud but fun, fun, fun.

DSCF4398 SAM_0302SAM_0302SAM_0239 SAM_0244 SAM_0248 SAM_0249 SAM_0252 SAM_0255 SAM_0259 SAM_0266 SAM_0270 SAM_0271 SAM_0276 SAM_0284 SAM_0286 SAM_0293 SAM_0298Woohoo everyone slept until the alarm!!
Up bright eyed & bushy tailed!

A busy day of fencing, nightline, iventure, environmental art & D.I.S.C.O!

Photos sooooon!

Day 2

After a pouring start to the morning the weather has cleared up for the afternoon.  Another busy day with problem solving, indoor climbing, laser quest, orienteering, Jacob’s ladder, aeroball, archery & a campfire tonight.

We are having slightly more success using our phones and the wifi to allow the children to blog so we’ll get more posts & photos on later.
For some of today’s photos look at Wigtown’s blog.

Kingswood Monday 14th September

We have has a great start to our week at Kingswood.  Our journey down was stress & sick free! All 3 groups had fun at archery, Archery instructions Amy

All 3 groups having fun!
All 3 groups having fun!

MacKenzie William Time for hot chocolate More hot chocolate DSCF4026 DSCF4003 SAM_0012 SAM_0011 DSCF4247 SAM_0013 SAM_0015 SAM_0016 SAM_0019 SAM_0020 SAM_0022 SAM_0023 SAM_0024 SAM_0029 SAM_0030 SAM_0033 SAM_0037 SAM_0042 SAM_0044 SAM_0049 SAM_0050 SAM_0051

All 3 groups had fun.
All 3 groups had fun.

SAM_0055aeroball & a murder mystery trail with some budding actors!

We are having some technical difficulties blogging but hopefully this will work & allow you to see some photos from our first day.

Some of the children have managed to blog. Hopefully we’ll have more success tomorrow.

Mrs A