Pupils Enjoy Performing at Galloway Music Festival

P1-3 and P4-7 pupils went along to perform at the music festival this week. P1-3 dressed as pirates to perform ‘I am a pirate captain’ and thoroughly entertained both the audience and judge on Monday morning. Very positive feedback was given about the pupils’ singing and enthusiasm. P4-7 performed ‘Harvest of Love’ in a competitive group music making category. The judge commented the following:

“You were very well organised across the stage. The solo voices were secure and the choir of voices had very clear words. The instruments were played well to support the musical outcome. This was very good work. Well done!”

The pupils were awarded a “Commended” mark for their efforts. All pupils represented the school exceptionally well both in their behaviour and attitude towards the experience. Well done!

On Wednesday afternoon pupils from across the school performed their music festival pieces and Scots poems to members of the Autumn Club. Nursery gave a confident performance of ‘Ma Wee Rid Motor’. The Autumn club had a very enjoyable time and stayed for refreshments following the performances. They generously gave a donation to school funds which is very much appreciated.

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  1. Thanks Mrs Adams and it was lovely that you could come along to support us and be a familiar face in the crowd!

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