P3/4/5 Special Assembly

On Friday 25th November P3/4/5 led the Assembly with a talk on what they have been learning in their topic. They used a powerpoint and a huge skeleton to show how much they have learned about their bodies. After that they talked about how to keep healthy by choosing carefully what you eat. They finished by making a school healthy code and the whole school joined in with the actions to the code. There were also some really good ideas for promoting health in school and now we are going to do Wake Up Shake Up every Friday.

Click below to see our powerpoint:


4 thoughts on “P3/4/5 Special Assembly”

  1. “It was good fun doing the assembly” by Libby

    “I liked learning about the muscles in our body” by Connor

  2. I think your Assembly was great. I learned a lot about bones. I liked your idea about Wake Up, Shake Up. Well done.

  3. Thanks P3/4/5 you worked really hard on your assembly and I was proud of you all. Mrs Stevenson.

  4. Thanks Mrs Stevenson I am sure the whole class is appreciated by that last comment!I really enjoyed it too!It was great fun!


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