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Curling Trip P6/7 Cargenbridge Primary

Recently on the of 24th of September P6/7 went curling at the Ice Bowl.

We all practiced how to throw the stones.

There was also other schools there, all the schools got put into mixed teams to practice throwing stones.

After lunch we did some fun games such as jumbo jenga at the side of the ice rink and one of the other activities were racing up and down the ice rink with stones.

The people from our school that went were Reilly, Ryan, Harvey, Lucy, Rose, Abby, Eva, Hannah, AlexO, AlexC, Mollie, Lucas, Will, Millie, Kyle, Tyler, Callum, Chloe, Zara, Joseph, David, Jay, Finley, Arran, Josh, Alex, Reece and Aidan.

We all had a good day at the Ice Bowl!


Harvey P6