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P5/6 IDL Work- natral disasters, weather and climate

Term three has been incredibly busy in P5/6. The children have really embraced their IDL topic this term. Everybody learned lots about natural disasters through research and creating fantastic posters. We then moved on to investigate weather and climate with the children researching the climate in a range of countries including India, Australia, Egypt and the USA. After the February break we will be learning about water which will involve science investigations which I am sure everyone will enjoy.

Well done p5/6!

P1/2 Feely Boxes

On Friday 28th September, P5/6 were very lucky to have a visit from P1/2.  They came to show us the fantastic Feely Boxes they had made as part of their work on The Senses. P5/6 loved trying out all of the different boxes and we thought the younger pupils had been very creative. P1/2 were very confident and enthusiastic while P5/6 were kind and encouraging. A BIG Thank you to P1/2 for sharing their great work with us.

P5/6 – Design Challenge


Which glasses would you choose? P5/6 have been designing glasses which reflect their interests.

They are responsible citizens who take on responsibilities within the class.

This week they  started learning about The Senses.

Well done everyone. You have been so busy!

P5/6 Learning Community


P5/6 have had a brilliant first week back. They have worked hard on building their class team and setting up their classroom. Reece made a super welcome sign for our classroom- thank you Reece! We created a joint piece of artwork combining all of our ideas and interests which we are all really proud of. We have completed creative and design challenges as well cracking codes. Lots of people enjoyed writing coded messages for Mrs C!  Islay and Eleanor chose some photographs to share and uploaded them to the blog for us. Overall they have made a great start to the year. Well done everybody.