P6/7 Curling Trip

On the 24 of September the primary sixes and sevens  went curling at the Ice – Bowl . We ended up being there for the whole day but it was ok because we got to watch people ice skating . When the curling people and helpers from the college were ready we went down and before we went down  we all had our snack. There were two other  schools there called Penpont primary and Hollywood primary. We first got into groups,  then we  learned how to hold the curling equipment which I don’t think was that tricky for too many people . Then we did different activiites and learned how to push the curling equipment.  Then we went to the café to have our lunch then after lunch we went back down to the curling rink. After that we did more activities and played jenga and different games on the ice too. Everyone had a fun time and then we got back to school and did some work.

By Eva M P6

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