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First Aid

As my elective in S1 the subject that I have been learning is First Aid. I’ve learnt lots of new and exciting things, for example I know how to help someone that has burnt their selves and also if they’re choking. If someone is burnt then you put their burn under a cold running tap for at least 10 minutes. Also I would be able to help someone if they’re choking. I would help them by hitting them firmly in between their shoulder blades. I found this elective quite fun and useful, I enjoyed learning first aid.

Olympic Torch passing through Dundee

Please remember that the Olympic Torch is going to be right on our door step in Baxter Park tomorrow. Follow the link to find out up to date information about the event.

I hope you can all make it to the park to share in this once in a life time experience. The torch is due to arrive at 6.47pm

Please leave a comment to share your experience with us.

Gangsta Granny


We are currently reading David Walliams Gangsta Granny. We are almost half way though and so far so good. It is a fabulously funny story with some surprising twists.

I know lots of you are enjoying this novel but I would like to hear your opinions about it so far.

P4/5 Olympics Assembly

Today we performed our class assembly for the whole school and some parents/carers. We shared our knowledge about the Olympics and Paralympics and sang some songs.
We were nervous to start with but in the end we really enjoyed it and hope you did too.

By Ronan and Kyle

Eilish McColgan

Dens Road had a very special visitor at our assembly today. Eilish McColgan took time out of her busy Olympic training schedule to come and talk to us about how sport can give us some very positive experiences. She told us how important it is to set goals and try our very best to achieve them and this is for all aspects of life not just sport.


What did you find interesting/remember about Eilish’s talk?

Good luck with your training Eilish From P4/5.

Ronnie McIntosh

Our class have been lucky enough to recieve a visit from Ronnie McIntosh yesterday. He came into our class to speak to us about his life as a runner and how being an amputee has effected his life.

He told us how important it is to have a positive mental attitude and showed us some of the trophys he has won recently for being an inspirational disabled sportsman.

hearts and lungs

Today we were trying to guess how many pints of blood were in our body and we found out it was six pints. Also we were feeling sheeps hearts ,lungs and liver with Mr Day and Mrs Hamilton.

We really enjoyed getting messy this morning with all the blood and goo.


We have been learning our abc with Mr Day today.

A- airway
B- breathing
C- circulation

We now know what to do if we are in an emergency situation and find someone unconscious.



Leave a comment to tell us the main things you should check for if you find someone unconscious.

2012 New Year Resolutions

P4/5 have been busy thinking about how we can make the most of 2012. We made posters to represent our new year resolutions and they are on display in our classroom.
Lot’s of us thought it would be a good idea to help out at home so I hope you are all keeping that resolution!


How are you all getting on with your new year resolutions?

Beauty and the Beast

We have had a great morning today because the whole school got to watch a production of Beauty and the Beast. There was lots of songs and some funny dancing which we loved.

A good panto has got us all in the Christmas spirit just in time for our Christmas party this afternoon.