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Infant Classes Visit Gardyne Theatre March 30, 2012

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Yesterday our class along with all the other classes from P1-P3 visited the Gardyne Theatre to see a production of Aesop’s Fables. It was a great morning’s entertainment and gave us all a great deal to think about too. The three cast members were very talented and helped bring the stories to life with their acting, singing, dancing and musical talents.

Below is a picture of the three cast members in their costumes as the tortoise, the mouse and the lion.

What a talented bunch!

Sports Relief Mile March 23, 2012

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This afternoon primary 2/3 took part in the Sports Relief Mile. The class had to do 5 full laps of the pitch to cover the mile and managed it in an impressive 25 minutes. The boys and girls were so quick they were in danger of overtaking all the other classes. Blelow are some images of our charity walk. We will update the post later when we have a total raised.

Mr Robertson leads the way in a calm and orderly fashion!

Just in case people aren't sure what it's about, here's a clue.

Natasha almost bursting into a run and Alisha tries to catch a lift.

Lee strides out purposefully and Casey thinks she is a superhero. The others aren't so sure though.

Amie's mum joins her walking around.

As of Tuesday 27th March the current total raised was in excess of £1,000 pounds with some money still coming in.  Well done, everyone!

SSPCA Visit March 22, 2012

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On Wednesday the infant classes were lucky to get a visit from one of the SSPCA team to talk to them about the work they do and how we can help care for animals and protect nature.

We had to help come up with a list of things that we thought was needed to look after a dog. Everyone came up with wonderful suggestions and some of us even got to help hold pictures of the items up for others to see.

At the end of the visit we had the chance to ask some questions about animals and the work of the SSPCA. It was really interesting and fitted in well with our project.

Games Designers of Tomorrow! March 21, 2012

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The boys and girls of Primary 2/3 have been busy designing some gaming pods they would like to build.  These pods would act as a storage area for an xbox 360, kinect sensor and television for the equipment we are currently using in our class project.  The children were asked to use what they knew about the game, about wild animals in general and also their own creativity to come up with a design which could be wrapped around the old bookcase we are currently using.

Every single person in the class approached the task with a lot of enthusiasm and so much creativity that we decided to turn them into 3D models.  We even added some shelves into the models and a cut out of an xbox with the television and kinect sensor to get a true idea of what our designs would be like if we had the chance to build it for real.

I am sure you will agree that the designs are fantastic and that they would certainly help to make any project or activity more interesting and exciting for others to use.  We hope to do some similar for our next project on the Olympic Games and this time we will choose a design to build to full size.

Well done everyone!  You have all did a fantastic job.

Mr Robertson

More Jungle Fever March 20, 2012

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Some of the children in the class have been working very hard to show how much they have learned over the course of our project.  Some children have been creating fact files about a variety of different animals where as others have been creating fantastic pieces of art.  This week I happened to find a group of girls working in the jungle area who were showing what successful learners they have become this term. 

The girls were busy sorting out the pictures of the different animals in the jungle corner and sticking them on the correct habitat card.  The reason I noticed what the girls were doing was not because they asked me to look but rather I heard some fantastic conversations taking place between them where they discussed the different animals, what they knew about them and why they were suited to certain habitats and not others.  Upon looking into the corner I found four girls working as a team to complete a task in the best way possible.

I was so happy to see how well the girls were working together and also to hear how knowledgable they are about our project.  This is a great example of children in primary 2/3 fulfilling the four capacities from the Curriculum for Excellence.  Well done Aimee, Katie, Natasha and Casey!

Mr Robertson

P2/3 Jungle Explorers February 21, 2012

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This term we are part of a new project called Wild Things.  As part of the project we will be using an xbox360 and the Kinectimals game as an introduction into the world of wild animals.  Already many of us are finding out about animals at home as well as in class.  Some of us are also making and writing things at home then bringing them into school to share with our friends.  In the classroom we also have a jungle areas where we can go to read books about animals or test our knowledge of different habitats and lifecycles.

We are also trying to think about games, consoles and technology when we are learning.  So we are keeping a log book of our gaming experiences along with photographs and completed activities about using equipment safely and responsibly.

We will keep you posted about how we are getting on so please come back soon.

Primary 2/3

Happy New Year January 9, 2012

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Welcome back to all our familes and friends for what is sure to be an exciting 2012.

2011 finished in style for the class and for everyone in Dens Road School with the performance of our end of year centenary show. It took a great deal of hard work and planning but was a great success and could have sold out several times. We really enjoyed the chance to perform for both audiences and look forward to more concerts and shows in the future.

If you were at the concert in December we would be delighted to hear what you thought. So please leave a comment. Of you want to comment on any of our posts on the blog you can still do that whenever you wish.

Come back soon as we will be updating even more in the near future.

Christmas Fayre December 8, 2011

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This year primary 2/3 decided to sell three different items at the Christmas Fayre. We were selling punchball balloons, handmade snowflakes and assorted pot pourri decorations. On the day we had one of the busiest stalls in the whole school with a line of people waiting for Mr Robertson to blow up the balloons. By the end of the afternoon we had completely sold out of all the balloons and Mr Robertson had a very dry mouth!!! We also sold out of the pot pourri, but we still have snowflakes left if anyone wants one!

It was a great afternoon and we are all delighted at the number of people who came to support us. Thank you to everyone.

Teddy’s Travels December 8, 2011

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This term we have begun a project called Teddy’s Travels. We are using this as a chance to learn about lots of different countries all around the world. Therefore, we would love to hear from as many people as possible whi have stories to share about journeys they have been on and countries or cities they have visited.

We even hope that Teddy might stop at the North Pole on his way and we can do lots of Christmas activities while he is there!

What were you doing in the 80’s and 90’s? September 14, 2011

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This term we are taking time to look at old buildings and castles as our project. This is a nice project to do as our school is still celebrating its centenary year.

To fit in with our celebrations, the school is looking at all the decades between 1911 and 2011. Primary 2/3 and Primary 2a1 are both looking at the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Therefore, if you have any memories of these decades or maybe some pictures then please let us know. We are trying to find out about schools, fashion, music, tv, major events and more from this time.

Hope to hear from old friends and new soon!

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