Monitoring Latecoming 2016

We are all aware of how busy our households can be at certain times of the day, and getting everyone off to their various destinations in the morning can be quite a feat!  However, recently we have noticed a number of our pupils who are persistently coming into school after the school day has started.

Can we remind parents and carers that children should enter the school through the playground doors with their classmates and not be dropped off in the school car park. Anyone entering the building through the front door after the bell will be marked as late unless a previous arrangement has been made with the school. The start of the day sets the tone: messages are given, information about the events of the day is shared and learning started.We would encourage families to get in touch with us if they are having difficulties getting children to school on time, so that we may consider ways in which support may be offered.

We track and record latecoming and our results will be available to view on the school website.  We also share this information with our Attendance and Welfare officer who will be assisting us setting up support meetings for families who are persistently late.