Children’s Choice Committee

In what has proven to be a very busy day we are proud to present our new Children’s Choice Committee.  Over the course of this session they will work with school staff to improve all aspects of the pupil experience within Clackmannan Primary.  One of the first jobs they will be undertaking is the launch of the new Anti Bullying information trifold created by last year’s CCC.



Pupil Leadership Team

Pupil Leadership Team

After a tough few weeks of presentations and interviews we are very pleased to present our Pupil Leadership Team. As well as undertaking hosting and compering duties and representing the school at a range of functions, the Pupil Leadership team will meet with Mrs Wieczorek and Mr McLaren to discuss ways of improving the school. They will add some of the highlights of these discussion to this blog as well so check back often!

Deputy Head Boy and Girl interviews

This morning is a very exciting time for some of our primary 6 children. Over the last few weeks the teachers have been talking with the children about who would like to be deputy head boy and girl and,more importantly, what skills and qualities they would bring to the job. This morning we have a shortleet of six children who will be presenting to Mrs Wieczorek and Mr McLaren and then answering some questions…. We await the results with bated breath!image

Primary Six

We have the privilege of being the first class to post on the new whole school blog.  It was our assembly on Monday and we sang Seek Ye First,; you can hear us below. We liked singing in harmony.

We told the assembly about our theme and our class novel.  Our theme is Scottish Stories and we are learning about various stories, as well as how to write stories and poems in Scots.  Our class novel is called The Killer Underpants and was written by Michael Lawrence.  It is about a boy called Jiggy who gets new underpants and can’t get them off again.  We think it is very funny and we’re enjoying it very much.