Our student Mrs Lethaby

Our student Mrs Lethaby has gone back to Banchory after teaching us about WWII and shape. When she was teaching us about WWII and shapes and we are sad that she is not here any more.She will be back for the primary sixes in November for a month. Mrs Lethaby did an experiment with the primary sixes using a torch, a tent, candle and tin foil about WWII we learned about air raid shelters, air raids, evacuation, rationing and blackouts.We learned l.We put up  the tent we got the torch scrunched up tin foil then unwrapped it and wrapped  the tin foil around the torch and it made the torch brighter. We also tried the same experiment with a candle.

By Caitlyn and Freya

Sports Day

We had sports day on the 7th of June 2018. At 9:30 am we started the potted sports at the park and it was perfect weather for the sports and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. After the potted sports we had a short break and during the break  you could have an apple or a banana and you could bring your water bottle but they gave you water, then we got on to the fun stuff. The first race was the adult race then the sprint then the skipping and then the sack race. After that it was the girls cross country and then the boys cross country after that people looked a bit tired then the last race took place and it was the relay race, and last but not least the best part was the results, Mrs Duckworth would tell us the results in 3rd place was Glenmuick 2nd place was Tullich and in first place was Glengairn they won by 2 points. Everyone in Tullich was devastated. Sports day ended and we went back to our classrooms and started learning again.


By Max And Colm

Peter’s WW2 Visit

Peter an 89 year old man who was alive during ww2 came into our class and told us about what he did in ww2. When the war broke out he was 10 when the war ended he was 16. Peter got a gun to shoot rats and he got a sixpence for every rat tail he showed to the post office. Peter lived on a farm and near the middle of the war the farm got 2 P.O.Ws and some land girls. In the war a woman and her 2 children came to live in Peter’s house as evacuees. At Peter’s school the Headmaster painted a map of the world on the gym hall wall. At the end of his talk he showed us some pictures of him in the parachute rescue squad. The thing we realised was that people were scared that we could be invaded at any time.


This term our class had the topic WWII. We had a visitor who was 89 came and told us what it was like during that time, I found the story very interesting.

The p6’s made Anderson shelters (Shelters people would hide in during an air raid.) They looked very impressive and fun to make.

Our class learned about rationing, rationing means you only have a certain amount of food and you need to last a long time so you need to save it. While we were learning about rationing Mrs Lethaby (A student teacher that came to our school for four weeks) gave us some sweets to last a whole week. I thought it was impossible but I managed… Just slightly.

But I really enjoyed our topic and it was lots of fun.


By Riannon Taylor!

The Ballater Duck Festival

In Ballater on Sunday the 2nd of June 2018, Ballater held the annual Duck Festival. There was a lot of stalls and stands selling clothes, food, entertainment like a ukulele band from  Braemar also the Ballater school choir and fun things for kids to do. The school choir had to sing on a truck stage, they sung Let It Be, Marie’s Wedding, I’m On My Way and The Flood. After the choir there was a mad  rush down to the river because the big duck race was going to begin. As a result  the Alexandra Hotel duck Alex  won the duck race. Well done Alex.  By Kate Parfitt  Image result for cartoon duck

Aboyne Academy Link Day #2

On the 29th of May the P7s from Ballater school went to the Academy. They were challenged to make and design a board game. To get to Aboyne we went on the academy on the transport provided, we all were nervous but it all went splendidly. When we got there we went to the theater Mr Drennan welcomed us and told us what was going on that day. Later that day we went to continue our game it went splendidly well. At Lunchtime we went to the cafeteria and got lunch ourselves it was fun.Then we went back and finished our games, next we did team building games with people from other schools.We made lots of new friends. Soon after we got the buses home.In conclusion we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and can’t wait to go back.

By Thomas and Poppy Fraser


Image result for aboyne academy badge


On Friday the 8th of June, all the P7s got their hoodies. Over a period of a few months we have raised money by doing lots of activities in school, such as toast ,face painting, crazy hair and more. A few weeks ago all the P7s picked what colour of hoodie they wanted, and what name they wanted on it. The most popular colour of hoodies were grey, green and navy. We are all very pleased with our hoodies. We are allowed to wear them at Loch Insh , the last week of term, out of school and the Dress Down Friday. We are NOT allowed to wear them in the school or the school grounds at other times. Image result for hoodies

By Leonna, Ava and Kirsty

Orienteering Trip

On the 1 st June 2018 3 people from P6/7 went on a on a 4 hour there and 4 hours back bus journey to get to Pollock Park near Glasgow. We did the Scottish schools championships. Ryszard and Wynn got twelfth in a pair. Ranolph got sixth on his own. It was a  really easy course, all on roads and all the checkpoints were on junctions.The bad thing was we had to get up really early (before six am). We arrived at Aboyne and the Academy people went on the bus with us. When we left Aboyne we picked up Banchory  school and Academy.

By Ranolph Wynn and Ryszard


Games con 2018

On Tuesday the 19th of June 2018 Cato, Colm, Paige and Zuzanna are going Robert Gordon University for Games con. We made a Scratch project, an advert, a Sway and we have a whole folder full of our first ideas about the project. We have made it to the final and even if we do not win we will still get a goody bag. Our teacher has made a 3D printed name tag for us to wear on the day. Our game was top voted in our class to go to the semi-finals and our game was voted again to go to the finals.



By Cato, Paige and Zuzanna

We got our leavers hoodies!

On Friday 8th of June the P7  got told to go to Mrs Duckworth’s office to get our P7 leavers hoodies .They are very soft and colourful. We were all very excited .However we have some rules about wearing them-which are not wearing them to school but you can wear them on dress down Friday and you can wear them to Loch Inch, you can wear them after school and at weekends,  we might get to wear them on the last week of school if people don’t wear them when they’re not meant to.

By Nicole and Poppy

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