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Subscribing to Blogs by e-mail: Feedburner stopping service

The help blog suggests a couple of third party services that allow you to provide your blog updated by email. One of these services, Feedburner will no  longer provide that service after July 2021 : Feedburner will stop providing e-mail subscriptions in July 2021 If you subscribe to the help blog by email you may like […]

DearFlip Plugin – make a pdf into a flip book

We have just added the DearFlip dFlip plugin to Glow blogs. This plugin let you display a pdf or a set of images as a flip book. More information on the dFlip  plugin page.

Glow Blogs Update 27 Jan 2021

Glow Blogs has a small update yesterday at 4pm There are two new Plugins. Mega Menus Max Mega Menu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin  This is a really powerful menu plugin, it will give more responsive and accessible menus. It also fixes the problem with the Yoko theme’s menus on mobile. WP Accessibility This plug-in […]

Yoko Theme menus on mobile

There has been a problem with dropdown menus in blogs using the Yoko theme on mobile devices. It the past this could be dealt with by using the Jetpack mobile module. This has now no longer available. There was also a rather complicated workaround using widgets and custom CSS. As of 27 Jan 2021 there […]

Glow Blogs Start of Session FAQ

A few quick tips that might help at the start of this new session. Forgotten username or password Your RM Unify Admin, who may be in your establishment or Local Authority will be able to help. I need to access a blog where I do not have a role. For example you have moved school. […]