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Week 2- CLIC targets



Yes, Zero Marking! | Big Maths

C- Counting – Count Fourways- Understanding fractions on a number line, recognising and understanding the size of fractions, e.g. which is bigger ¼ or ⅖? Finally we will be focusing on equivalent fractions.

L- Learn Its- Times Tables Challenge and some targeted revision.

I- It’s Nothing New- Jigsaw Numbers with multiple digits e.g. 23 + ?= 273, 347 + ? = 2841, 363.1 + ? = 8472.3

C-Calculations – Division- using different methods to solve long division e.g. coin multiplication, long division using the bus stop method.


Week 1- Pupil of the Week🥳🤩


⭐️TYLER! ⭐️

Well done Tyler! You showed massive determination in your attitude towards your learning and behaviour this week. You have showed a very mature side to yourself and put 100% effort into your work. Well done Tyler, great effort, keep this up!


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Week 1- Term 4

Massive WELCOME BACK to primary 7! We have all settled back into the ‘in school’ routine and have all been working very hard. It is the last term at Abbotswell and emotions will be high. It is the countdown to the end, so we are going to make sure this is the best term yet!


This term we will be looking at

Literacy- Job applications, Editorials, Slogans, Expositions

Numeracy/CLIC- We are focusing on different CLIC targets each week with the aim to also all get a gold star in our TIMESTABLES challenge.

Maths- Fractions, Percentages and Decimals, and Angles

French- Conversations, school items, food

Health and Wellbeing- Healthy focus, looking at our overall health and aiming to also improve our stamina, energy and enjoyment in PE.

Topic- Finance, p7 have a fantastic opportunity to take part in the fiver challenge- making money from just a fiver for cash for kids and using our entrepreneurial/business skills to do so.

Expressive Arts- We will be doing a lot of drama linked to our literacy and also in preparation for our end of term assembly. We will also be doing some art inspired by angles.


It is going to be a very busy term with lots of transition activities, learning and fun!

As always any questions please get in touch.



Here are some of our highlights of Week 8 Home Learning.  We have been enjoy celebrating World Book Day this week and Primary 7 have been working on many aspects of literacy.

We have enjoyed writing haikus about our favourite books, writing tweets about our favourite characters, designing World Book Day themed Google Doodles, creating World Book Day DIY costumes, putting a modern twist on a fairy tale of our choice and lots lots more.

We have also been focusing on sounds and vibrations in our topic Natural, which has been a big success! We are continuing to make progress with CLIC and our focus this week has been smile multiplication and the grid method.

We also had a MASSIVE Google meet with all of the upper stages pupils! It was great fun, we shared fabulous work, read out our story we wrote across all classes collectively and we had a few WBD quizzes! It was a fantastic end to World Book Day!

It has been another very successful and positive week for p7! Well done for all of your hard work.



Congratulations to Dominic who is our Pupil of the Week for week 8 of Home Learning. Dominic has put in excellent effort with his topic work this week. He has shown he has a fantastic knowledge of science in general and he has demonstrated he has learned a lot about sounds and vibrations. Dominic’s shown he has a strength for explaining his thinking well.

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Learning across the four contexts at Abbotswell with primary 7!

We are now into Week 8 of home learning and we have achieved so much. Our learning has been progressing across the four contexts and this can be seen below.

We have had many opportunities for personal achievement, interdisciplinary learning, being part of the school and the wider community and progressing through curriculum areas and subjects.

Primary 7 have loved sharing their learning and other achievements while at home. When we return to school we are going to create personal home learning booklets to reflect and appreciate their learning and achievements throughout their 9 weeks of home learning.