Pupil of the Week and Playground Star!

Congratulations to Ryan, nominated as our ‘Pupil of the Week’ for his contagious positive attitude throughout the week and looking at challenges with enthusiasm. Also for his fantastic work creating his Christmas Gnomes and filling in for an absent pupil during our showtime filming!

Well done and well deserved!


Congratulations to Andrew, nominated as ‘Playground Star’.

CLIC TARGETS- 07/12/20

C – Counting
Revision of Counting Along- Step 6- I can find the gap between 2 negative numbers.

L – Learn It’s
Time Tables Challenge- Gold, Silver and Bronze awards

Gold- Can recall tables in jumbled order quickly and recall fact families

Silver- Can recall tables in jumbled order in a reasonable time

Bronze- Can recall tables in order

I – It’s Nothing New
Revision of past 5 weeks.

C – Calculations
Revision of Multiplication- Step 17- I can solve 1d x 1d.1dp