Learning across the four contexts at Abbotswell with primary 7!

We are now into Week 8 of home learning and we have achieved so much. Our learning has been progressing across the four contexts and this can be seen below.

We have had many opportunities for personal achievement, interdisciplinary learning, being part of the school and the wider community and progressing through curriculum areas and subjects.

Primary 7 have loved sharing their learning and other achievements while at home. When we return to school we are going to create personal home learning booklets to reflect and appreciate their learning and achievements throughout their 9 weeks of home learning.



Big well done to Murron who is our Pupil of the Week for week 7 of Home Learning. Murron always tries her best with her work. She asks lots of questions, showing great commitment to her learning and progress. She models a positive mental attitude and acts as a great role model for others in her class and wider community.


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Very well done Murron!


Massive well done to RACHEL as P7’s Pupil of the Week for WEEK 5 home learning!

Rachel has been completing all her work to a high standard and is always trying her best. She is always  supportive towards her classmates and is always sharing her work on the class stream. Rachel ensures she responds and reacts to the feedback given.

Very well deserved! Great work Rachel!


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Over the past month we have been continuing to celebrate our Pupils of the Week!

Congratulations to this weeks Pupil of the Week- Sophie! (1st Feb-5th Feb)

Well done Sophie! Well deserved- Sophie produced a brilliant Cinquain! Put a lot of effort into her additional work and has be responding and reacting to feedback all week, showing determination and a fantastic attitude to her learning.

(25th Jan- 29th Jan) Jamie- Jamie has  been trying really hard with his home learning work! He has produced beautiful, creative pieces of art as part of topic.

(18th Jan- 22nd Jan) Emma- Emma has been putting 100% in to all her work. It is always of a high standard and she has a smile on her face every Google Meet. Emma spreads positivity with her smile and positive attitude!

(11th Jan- 15th Jan) Primary 7 have been absolutely brilliant during their first week of home learning, everyone has been trying so hard and the standard of work is high. However PotW is  Bobbie. Bobbie has really  gone above and beyond with his work. He has been to every Google Meet lesson and asked a lot of questions. After all of his planning and lesson building up to the writing today, he has produced a fantastic Haiku.


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Week 4- Home Learning Highlights and Celebration of brilliant work!

Here are some of our highlights of Week 4 Home Learning.  We have been learning about how to collect, organise, display and interpret information using a range of graphs, tables and pie charts! We have also being focusing on poetry within writing, specifically this week writing Cinquains! You can see and listen to some of our poems below. P7 have been improving each and every week and our performance skills have also been improving.

Our new topic has been a big hit! We began this week by looking at Life Cycles and classification. It has been really interesting having so many scientific discussions during our Google Meets.

I am looking forward to week 5 to see more fantastic work!

Bobbies Data collection Murron’s Cinquain planAndrews Cinquain

Zaras Cinquain called Beaches

Jamies Samurai Warrior costume

Winter by Keegan.

Rachels Abstract Art

Keegan making pancakes Jamies Samurai warriorYasminas Frog Life Cycle

Rachels Cinquain – The Fam

Sophies Cinquain – Travel

Sophie’s doddle art inspired by her chosen art inspiration.