Term 2, Week 2.

Hello all.

Pupils of the Week:

Firstly, well done to our pupils of the week for last week and this.  Lyla is pupil of the week for last week for conducting an excellent survey and producing an interesting and comprehensive report on it.  This week Ben is pupil of the week for showing wonderful motivation to succeed, including by asking to try harder work and by applying himself to his tasks.  It is great to see our learners being so motivated and successful and challenging themselves to do their best!


This week’s homework is on google classroom as usual.  The literacy work is spelling words which are tested every Friday.  Learners will receive a paper copy of these from me on Monday so they can take them home and do what they wish to do to learn them.  This could be copying them out each night, playing games with them or having someone quiz them on them.  All learners have a mix of words with a similar sound or letter (so that they are easier to remember and learn) and words that are tricky or that their class are misspelling in other lessons (such as question or column this week).

For numeracy the learners all have paper copies of the 12 times table to learn and if they have access to the internet at home they have challenges on both Sumdog and Education City apps/websites they can complete.  They should have taken home these passwords previously but please contact me if they are required again.

For Topic this week the learners have a quiz to complete that will help us to structure our learning in the next topic, which will be “Showtime”.  Learners with no internet access will be able to contribute to this discussion in class.



This week in class we have been finishing up our wider topic – specifically we have been presenting our Climate presentations to the class.  Lots of interesting facts about different climates and how the animals and plants that live in them have adapted to do so were shared with the class by pupils.  We will finish our learning this week having looked at different maps (local, international, country income), human needs (fair trade, local communities, how our needs are met), climate (what different climates are there and how do plants, animals and people adapt to them), local land use, climate change, weather, and lots more.  Next we will be moving on to cover Showtime, more info on this next week.


In literacy we have begun a new topic this term that will cover surveys, interviews and personal letters.  This week and last we have created and analysed our own surveys about our own chosen subjects.  First we worked with one question, and presented our information in a bar graph and analysis, then we worked with several questions and just the analysis.  This week in writing we have also tried to focus on experimenting with punctuation, next week we will focus on something different.


In numeracy we are working on a new topic this term.  We are studying data analysis and also patterns.  We have already constructed our own bar charts (linked to the surveys in our literacy work) and have begun using line graphs to track a science experiment and our Friday Learn It maths tests.  In the attached photos you can see some of our learners doing their Learn It tests in class and also working outside to challenge each other with their number patterns.

Our CLIC maths targets for this week were:

Counting: Partitioning 2 and 3 decimal place numbers (they did so well we actually did a lot of 4dp and beyond numbers as well).

Learn its: The 12 times table (see homework).

It’s nothing new: Jigsaw numbers with 1 decimal place.

Calculation: Subtracting 2 digit numbers from 4 digit numbers.


Our CLIC maths targets for next week are:

Counting: Counting in -1s.

Learn its: The 4 times table (see homework).

It’s nothing new: Smile multiplication (multiplying tenths).

Calculation: Division using smile multiplication facts and in column format.


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