Term 4, Week 7

Well done to our Pupil of the Week Cameron and our Playground Star Lyla!

This week we have been investigating function machines and equations, learning all about some new mathematical symbols.  Pictures are below.

We have continued to learn about Islam and have produced some artwork inspired by Islamic symbols.  Pictures are below.

In PE we have played some spirited games of hockey!  In literacy 2 groups have recently finished books – My Funny Family and The Hodgeheg and will shortly begin Five Children and It, and Hostage after choosing to read these next.  In health and wellbeing we built on our emotional literacy work to create emotions thermometers.

Next week we will be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages.  Our CLIC work will include

long division and multiplying decimals.  In literacy we will be writing a short story based on the Pixar short silent film “Paperman”.

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