Term 3, Week 8: March 1st, 2021

Hello everyone on what may be one of our last online teaching weeks this term! Let’s hope so! The pictures included below are from some of our Earth materials and International Space Station work over the last two weeks.

Pupil of the week this week is Leah – well done Leah, you’ve worked so very hard on your Big Maths!

Abbotswell Primary School- P6
January Home Learning Grid

Week 8: 01/03/2021 – 05/03/2021.

Literacy this week (you will use google docs and meets for these tasks):

Reading and Writing – We will be looking at informative writing this term.  This is about providing clear information.

Monday: This week we will be writing a complaint.  You will learn all about what this is this week.

Tuesday: We will do some reading and task map work.

Wednesday: We will keep working on complaints.

Thursday: You will have French work and reading task maps to do.

Friday: We will keep working on complaints.

Spelling – There will be spelling work for some people and Readingwise for others.  You will be assigned the work you need to do.

Health and Wellbeing

Keep checking for online activities posted by Mrs. Forbes. These will be on Google Classroom throughout the week.  Included in this is an exciting challenge where the whole school will be “walking to Tokyo – kind of! Take a look!”.


Miss. Bradley will provide a French task for you on Thursday.  Please submit it when you are done.

Numeracy: CLIC Targets

Counting: We will be looking at the number 25 in different ways (-25, 0.25, etc.)

Learn Its: The 2 and 3 times tables.

It’s Nothing New: Multiplying decimals by 100 and 1000.

Calculation: Addition and subtraction column sums to support our money work.

You will have tasks each day for this job.

Maths topic – There will be maths Topic tasks (money) but not every day.  There will be personal target tasks to do as well, these will be sent to the person who needs them.

Topic- Natural

See this week’s topic grid for info.

We will be learning all about sound and vibrations!


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