Week 6 14/09/2020 – 18/09/2020

Hello all.

This week in Primary 6 we have continued to study measurement, beginning work on measuring weight.  We have been investigating and then using different sorts of scales including balance, bathroom/standing, digital and analogue kitchen, and spring balance/luggage scales.  We have been measuring in grams and kilograms and will continue to do so next week.

In writing we have begun to study and practice biographies and autobiographies.  There was some excellent writing in the class this week with many choosing to share theirs by reading it out to the class.  This helps others to “magpie” good ideas and reflect on their own work.  Some of our writers bravely chose to write about very emotional events and the class welcomed their stories with the respect they deserved.

Class jobs were given out this week and will be changed on a weekly basis.  One of these is class science officer.  As we had studied the water cycle previously the science officer assisted the class to plan an experiment to test if evaporation was real.  We’ll conduct similar experiments weekly so that the class gets used to the language of science and the concept of constructing a fair test.  Pictures of the science officer supporting the class with this experiment can be seen below.

Best wishes,

Mr. McCallum.

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