CLIC Targets – Week Beginning 08.02.21

You’ll see below that many of our CLIC targets have remained the same as last week. Keep trying to practice these targets over the coming days and bolster your child’s confidence. Counting- I can count to 100. I have attached a video below. We love using Jack Hartman in class to get moving and counting. There are lots of his videos available on Youtube.

Learn Its-

The learn its schedule 5: 4+2, 5+2, 6+2, 7+2,9+2, 4+3, 5+3, 6+3

The aim across the next term is to develop quick recall of these addition sums. Practise them for a short amount of time each day. You could use fingers or concrete materials if your child needs this support. Over the coming weeks we will work towards your child being able to instantly feel confident with the answers to these sums. We’d love to see videos of your progress.


It’s Nothing New- Doubling and Halving within 20.

We have worked on both doubling and halving within 20 over the last few weeks. This week we would like you to give your child a mixture of doubling and halving questions to solve to see if they can confidently distinguish between the two. Hit the button can still be used to help develop quick recall.


Calculations- Multiplication:

I can find the total amount of blocks (Sets out 3 lots of 4 blocks and finds the total)

Remember to:

-Set out one ‘lot of’ 4

-Set out another ‘lot of’ 4

-Set out one more ;lot of’ 4

-Check you have 3 groups

-Check there are 4 blocks in each group

Give your child concrete materials to physically make groups for you. For example ask them to make 5 groups of 2. Once they have set out their groups, ask your child to find the total for you.  Again we would love to see any photos or videos of your progress.

You will find 2 additional videos on Google Classroom to support these targets.


Hit the Button:

Video (Count to 100) :


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