Thank you..

I would like to say a massive thank you for all of the lovely and generous gifts, cards and wishes throughout this week. It is very much appreciated and as I told the class today, I hope to buy something to remember them by.

Thank you to all parents for their support throughout this school year with homework, school trips, creating outfits and practising for our fabulous show!

Also a massive thank you to all children in 3D. You have all worked incredibly hard and I, for one, have had an incredible and memorable year with lots of lovely memories. We have all learned loads and have enjoyed our topics, trips and ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper.’ I’m sad to not have you all in my class next year but know you will continue to do amazing things and work hard in P4! (Like we have said all year, P3D really are the best class! :))

I hope everyone has a well deserved, relaxing summer break and I look forward to seeing some of you again in P4 and others around the Blue Unit on a daily basis!

Miss Dow x

Trip to Allan Park

We had a very fun end of term trip to Allan Park on Tuesday! The sun shone and we had a lovely time. We enjoyed eating our picnics and sitting on our picnic blankets. We played football and rounders and played on all the park equipment. The big slide was a firm favourite! What a fantastic day out! 🙂

Trip to Allan Park

For our trip tomorrow to Allan Park we will be taking our school bags with us.

Please remember to bring a packed lunch and water bottle. Please bring a waterproof jacket (fingers crossed it won’t be needed!)

Children are welcome to wear comfy clothes tomorrow for our picnic and play trip.

Looking forward to a lovely end of term treat 😊

Week beginning 24.06.19


We all brought in a photo to look at of our parents to see what we inherited and what we got by chance when we were born – Grace

To see if your Dad or Mum have passed on something to you, we brought in photos – Rebecca

You can’t see that someone has inherited their blood type from their parents – Jamie

For homework we brought in pictures of our Mum and Dad and in Circle Time we looked at the pictures to spot anything we’ve inherited from our parents – Lola

You can inherit your nose shape and eye shape and ear shape – Dylan

You can inherit lots of different things like hair colour, head shape, nose shape, eye colour and also you can inherit allergies I think – James B

You can’t inherit what food you like – Osa

You can’t inherit your favourite foods, your hobbies or if you like swimming – Lena

You can’t see some inherited things like if you’re left or right handed and left or right footed – Luca

We then had to draw a picture of our Mum and Dad and of ourselves and the pictures had to show the things we have inherited from them – Holly


We had to write sentences joined up themed on animals. They were quite tricky because we haven’t written much whole sentences before. – Sophie

It was tricky to do because some of the words were quite tricky – Callum

We had to remember to use full stops and capital letters and we had to remember not to join the capital letters – Amy

It was hard because we have never done handwriting in this way before – Eilidh

Farewell to our Headteacher

We had to make stuff for our head teacher and we sang a song for her – Pippa

We had to make a flower shape out of petals and write messages on the petals – Tylar

She went around the unit and each class held up a letter. The rest of the class read out a line of the acrostic poem that they had made up – Grant

Each line of the poem made the word Mrs Johnstone – Conor

Our line of the poem said “E stands for the excellent education you have given us” – Johnny

She looked like she was about to cry! – Oliver

RM Easimaths

We completed ten minutes of Maths and then we got to play a game to collect points – Oscar

We had to do hard maths and easy maths. For me, the angles were hard – Georgie

We had to go through different levels if we did well – Arran

It smartens our brains and in RM Easimaths, depending on who you are, the harder or easier the maths is. It works at your level – Arjun

I have unlocked 3 characters and you get to choose one for the games! – Logan

We were doing challenges and we also had to use our name and last name and the school code and our password to log on – Rebecca


I made a home run 2 times! Then I got 2 points each time – Luca

Some people got a home run – Oliver

I got a home run and I whacked it so far it nearly hit the gym teacher! – Conor

I got a home run and the tactics to get the ball away from the fielders is to whack the ball as hard as you can on the ground so that they have to run for it. If you bat it in the air then you went out straight away – Jamie

The batters had to run and try and get a home run – Osa

We learned about team work, to communicate with each other and to spread out. It is my favourite game we play in school  – Sophie

I got 2 home runs and how I did it is I hit the ball really high so it went up in the air and then I ran to the middle cone then when the next person hit the ball, I sprinted to the next one and then the next one and then finally I got home – Callum

It was about sports – Tylar

We had to work together as a team and show each other sportsmanship – Conor

The rules of rounders are you have to hit the ball as far as you can and if somebody catches the ball straightaway you swap teams and if the fielding team stump the cone then you are out – Alex

Week Beginning 17.06.19

We have had an incredibly busy week preparing for our final performance of ”There’s a Sunflower in my Supper” to our parents  yesterday so not many photos!

P3D Show

Thank you to everyone who managed to come and watch our show on Thursday. We have had so much fun learning our lines, finalising our acting and practising to perform for you all. All the children were amazing and made me very proud! The children who had chosen to play the smaller parts were excellent in following the script in order to play musical instruments at the correct time and did well coming on and off of the stage at the correct times. The Narrators had loud, clear voices and the cows all memorised their lines well and remembered to face the audience! Fantastic work 3D, well done again 🙂

Topic – Inheritance

We have been learning about how characteristics can be passed down through plants, animals and people. We completed a sheet where we could see the characteristics of a great grandparent, the grandparent and the parent and we had to find the common characteristics to see what was going to be likely for their children. This was quite a tricky job but we managed well! We will be continuing to learn about this next week with a bigger focus on animals and ourselves!


The Pentagons and Squares have been learning about the angles relating to the points of a compass and also how to find a fraction of a number/quantity. We created our own compass to help us work out questions and angles. The Triangles and Semi-circles have been learning about coordinates and remember to first go, “along the corridor” and then “up the stairs.”


We have not had our final week of homework home. There will be no more reading books going home either, the last of the books will be collected in today (Friday 21.06.19). We will have our final spelling test on Monday with the words that are currently home for homework. We have worked hard on our spelling this year and I definitely see improvements in all children.  If we have corrections, we write our each correction 3 times in our jotters to try and remember the correct spelling. (photos courtesy of children..)

Mrs Johnstone

We have been busy making a surprise flower and acrostic poem for Mrs Johnstone’s farewell next week. We had to write a message or draw a picture on a petal to add to our class flower and she will receive a flower from each class in the Blue Unit. (more photos courtesy of children..)

Week beginning 10.06.19

Topic – Habitats

Callum – We’ve looked at different animal’s habitats.

Jamie – Habitats are places where things or people live

Lena – We drew pictures of animals in their habitats

Conor – Habitats can be in many places, like in the Antarctic

Tylar – The animals  that live in the habitats might live in the sea, jungle or even on a leaf sometimes!

Pippa – We had pictures of habitats and we had to stick on post-its with writing on them. We had to write what animals lived in the habitat and stick it on the picture.

Arran – Habitats could also be on a leaf.

James B – the animals that live in the habitats have special bodies suited to live in the habitat. Like a camel in the desert has a special hump which gives it water when it needs it.

Writing – Father’s Day Poems

Grace – We did the same as our Mother’s Day poems but about our Dads

Callum – each and every line should have been a simile about our Dad

Arjun – Our poems had similes that were nice about our Dads. For example, ‘Dad you are as legendary as Zygard.’

Holly – We had to first do our poem in our jotter and then write it nicely on to a nice piece of paper


Lena – we have been learning to count in 5s, 10s, 50s and 100s

Luca – we have been learning our anti-clockwise and clockwise

Grant – we’ve been learning about which direction is East and West and which way they are

Johnny – We were learning about halves and fifths and quarters and thirds and stuff. We had to find a fraction of a number.

Oliver – We have been learning about right angles and turning left and right


Class Talks

Lola – We have been doing talks about animals.

Amy – We have done our talks about animals from the different animal groups and we had to describe what they eat, drink and where they come from.

Ross – We were doing our class talks about animals so that it fits in with our topic.

Oscar – We all did a talk.

Osa – We got to choose which animal we wanted to do our talk on.

Eilidh – We had to give feedback to each other and most people have to work on their eye contact.

Callum – We had to practise quite hard.

Topic – Sunflowers

Georgie – We have been learning how to grow sunflowers and the different things they need to grow.

Alex – To germinate the seeds, they need water, sunlight, a small space and some soil.

Ashar – Our sunflowers have grown a lot!

Logan – As they grow the seed is on the leaf as the sunflower grows.

James S – We made some sunflowers and they have been growing a lot. People have started to take them home once they have grown enough.

Father’s Day cards

Meishana – We drew the shape of a lollipop, cut it our and stuck it onto card.

Tylar – On the lollipop, after we cut it out and stuck it on, we had to draw a face on it and stuck on the lollipop stick. We then put on googly eyes!

Callum – We added some of our own decoration if we wanted to.

Lena – We got to pick our colour of card and cut out a lollipop of whatever colour we wanted. We needed to write a nice message in it and got to do decoration like a mouth and a nose if you wanted to.

Logan – We got to pick a colour of card and lolly and stuck the lolly on to the card. We wrote “Dad, you are the coolest!” because a lollipop is cold and cool!

Sports Day!

I was so proud of 3D for their sportsmanship, teamwork and positive attitude during potted sports and the races for sports day. The weather was definitely on our side and I’m sure we will all be ready to sleep tonight!

Everyone was fantastic at taking part and performed confidently. We tried our best to remember that although winning is fantastic, we can’t all win all of the time and it is still good to take part!

We spent the morning taking part in potted sports. We worked well as a class and enjoyed the chance to get a water break as it was hard work!

We then took part in a running race and a sack race in the afternoon!

Health Week

The Health Committee have been very busy planning a Health Week for the whole school.

We started Health Week by creating individual mind maps thinking of all of the different ways we stay fit and healthy. We had to think of things other than exercise and healthy foods. This included getting a lot of sleep, being mindful, relaxing and brushing our teeth well.

Part of Health Week has been a Daily Mile Class Challenge where the winning class will have ran/walked the most miles. We have been outside every day to run, walk and move as many miles as we possibly can! It has been lots of fun and some days we have even asked to go out twice to get some extra miles in! Our grand total of miles for the week was 198 – incredible!! 🙂

Dean Stott

We had a very special visitor for assembly this week, Dean Stott. He is well known for cycling the Pan American Highway in a record breaking number of days! He spoke to us about his experience breaking the world record and how he prepared mentally and physically. He reminded us that anything is possible and we can achieve anything if we work hard and put our mind to it! He was very inspirational and gave a very thought-provoking assembly.

Emoji Competition

Another part of Health Week is that P1-3 were invited to enter an emoji competition where they had to think of a specific emotion and design and draw a brand new emoji to demonstrate that emotion. We were so excited when we heard this was one of our jobs this week. We came up with lots of different emotions and had some good discussion going on. We were thinking about the fact that we cannot be happy all of the time and that it is healthy to feel a range of emotions.


We were thinking about how important it is to wash our hands thoroughly and how this links to us staying healthy. We took part in a little experiment where Miss Dow had glitter all over her hands to represent germs. She then picked up a cup and passed it to 5 different girls and boys who all ended up with glitter on their hands too. This showed us how easily germs can spread and why washing our hands is so important. We didn’t know that we should be spending at least 15 seconds washing our hands. We then made fortune tellers with some key facts all about germs and hand washing and we took these home.

Fruit Faces

We looked at some pictures by a famous Italian artist who designs faces using only fruits and vegetables! We looked at some of his work for inspiration and then we had to work in groups of 4 or 5 to design either a face or whole body using only fruits and vegetables. Once we had planned our piece of art, we worked together to draw and colour all of the fruits and vegetables that we needed for our design. Once we had cut them out, we could experiment with different ways of laying them out until we were happy to stick down our final design. Our finished art work was amazing!

Costumes – Homework

As part of homework this week, please begin to organise clothes/costume for your part in our performance of, ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper.’

As a class, we have discussed what we think each part should wear. We have made masks in school so it is just clothes we need. Please bring these in by Friday 14th June in a labelled bag. The list below is purely suggestions, please feel free to think of other ideas if needed.

Narrators – black trousers/skirt with a white shirt/top (school trousers and top is fine)

Cows – use an old white top and black pen/material to create a cow pattern, or bring in a white top and we can stick black splodges on temporarily in school to be taken off after the show. Black/white shorts, leggings or trousers. Masks have been made in school.

Mr Bull – brown/black/dark coloured clothes. A mask has been made in school.

Market Sellers – aprons, dungarees, jeans, dull, plain colours if possible. Top and trousers/skirt. Straw or similar hat if you have one

Bees – Masks and wings have been made in school. Yellow and black stripey top or plain top and we can add temporary paper stripes in school. Black trousers/shorts

Squirrels – Masks have been made in school. Brown/red top and dark bottoms if possible.

Birds – masks and wings have been made in school. You can wear bright colours to match your masks.

Owls – Masks and wings have been created in school. Please wear brown/grey/white clothing.

Sunflower – a mask has been made in school. Green top (school jumper?) if possible and green or dark bottoms/skirt if possible.

Health Week Homework Tasks

The following tasks have been emailed home last week. Please choose at least one activity to complete for homework this week.

  • Design a poster to show how to wash your hands
  • Keep a food diary or drawings of what healthy foods you have eaten in the week
  • Try to drink at least 1 litre of water per day
  • Try to be active for 20 minutes each day in Health Week
  • Make a healthy snack and take a photo.
  • Use fruits and vegetables to make a ‘healthy face’ picture and take a photograph to bring in to school
  • Imagine you are a restaurant owner and design a healthy meal to serve. You could draw the meal on paper or make the meal with your parents

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