Week beginning 17.09.18


We have been using a number of maths games and activities this week to consolidate our learning. These have mainly been games where we have to add and subtract mentally or on a whiteboard. We have also been playing games where we have had to compare numbers and use the < and > signs.

The Squares and Pentagons have been looking at fractions and wholes and fifths.

The Triangles have been looking at tiling and how to continue the pattern of tiling. Then they were using concrete resources to create their own tiling patterns. Once they had created a pattern they were taking their own photos and selfies to share on the blog!


We have been speaking about NOUNS and ADJECTIVES this week. In our table groups we had to arrange the cards and match each adjective with a suitable noun. If we had cards left over that did not match up then we knew we had made a mistake and had to work together to sort it out! This also helped us in our writing this week where we had to try and use adjectives to help us describe.

We have now moved on to think about SETTING and how to describe a setting. We had to think about the beach and fill in the table thinking about our 5 senses. We had to write down ideas of what we can see, feel, hear, smell and taste at the beach. We then used this as our plan when we completed our written descriptions.


Wall-E has been very busy and very cheeky this week! Every night when we go home he moves and when we come in the following morning we have to find him hiding somewhere new in the classroom! He even looked in Miss Dow’s diary to find out when we were doing drama and he also finished our wall display that we had started of him! Over the weekend he was in and he has set us new challenges at our play zones. At the writing table we have to write letters to try and PERSUADE people to recycle and help care for the environment. At the construction table we have to try and build a robot that looks like him and at the numeracy table he wants us to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and some of the times tables.


In RME this week we have been discussing our BELIEFS. We talked about the difference between fact and opinion and how this links to beliefs. We then had to tell the class what we believe and any religious beliefs of our family. We are learning that people all over the world have different beliefs and that we can share our own beliefs as well as listening to others.


Wall-E left a special letter for Miss Dow with scenarios relating to our topic that we had to act out in groups. These included things like people wasting water, plastic being in the ocean, animals being hurt by plastic, large volumes of cars causing pollution.


We were playing a spelling game this week to practise our sounds and spelling words. Depending on the number we rolled, we had to write the word in ‘fancy nancy’ writing or as quickly as we could or even with our non-writing hand!

Open Evening

Thank you to everyone who managed to attend open evening this week. It was lovely to meet everyone and I hope you enjoyed seeing our classroom and the hard work we have been doing in 3D!


I hope you all have a lovely long weekend and I’ll see you all on Tuesday! 🙂

Miss Dow

Week beginning 10.09.18

We’ve had another very busy week this week in 3D!

Circle Time

In Circle Time we were talking about how we use maths everyday at home since it is Scottish Maths Week. This will hopefully help with our maths homework. We also took part in a ‘Simon Says’ game where we had to listen to the music and the instructions and listen for ‘Simon says.’



In Drama this week we had to act as if we were holding and carrying a very heavy box. We spoke about our use of facial expressions and body language and how we would be moving if the box was very heavy. This was a miming activity so it was fun to do it without any noise! Miss Dow put us into small groups and we had to mime a short scenario that included the heavy box! One group couldn’t stop dropping it on their cat’s tail!


We are spending the next few weeks of ICT looking at programming. We used the Lightbot website and we started looking at the basics of programming. This included a forward, left turn, right turn and ‘light up’ instruction. We had to look at the problem and guide Lightbot to the other end using the correct instructions. It was definitely a bit of problem solving too!





In maths we are looking at areas we did not cover in P2. Some of us have been learning about identifying lines of symmetry and we had to draw a the MIRROR IMAGE of the picture using mirrors to help us. Some of us have been learning how to carry tens in addition sums and borrow in subtraction chimney sums. Another maths group have been consolidating and becoming more confident with addition and subtraction mentally.


Miss Hamilton works with us every Monday. This week we were doing a funny warm up song which involved us having to stick our tongues out and wiggle our bottoms! There was lots of laughter! We also played a game with a ball where we had to listen and bounce the ball on certain words and throw the ball on other words. She then taught us a new song where we had to work with a partner and move around to the next partner when we sang certain words. These games have been helping us to follow a rhythm and think about timing.


On Tuesday during Circle Time we got a big surprise… Wall-E had hidden a letter inside the box of the CD that we were using!

Wall-E wanted us to create a persuasive poster to advertise Cults as a  COMMUNITY. We spoke about all of the different things there are to do in Cults. Wall-E wanted each table group to focus on one of the following areas:

  • green space
  • community spaces
  • services
  • shops and cafes
  • transport
  • sports

We linked this to our writing this week and we had to apply our knowledge of Cults to create a poster to try and persuade people to come and visit. We were learning about what makes an effective persuasive poster/leaflet. We learned that we need to have BOSSY VERBS and FEEL-GOOD VOCABULARY to make people want to come and visit Cults. We also spoke about using colour and pictures to make our poster/leaflet eye-catching.

Gym with Miss Dow

We have been making up our 2 hours of gym in the dining room by taking part in running and listening games. We have enjoyed playing ‘Pirate Ship’ where we all have to run around and when Miss Dow gives an instruction we have to do an action. These include ‘rowing boat,’ ‘Captain’s coming!’ and ‘Walk the plank!’ We also played the traffic game where again, we had to listen for instructions. When Miss Dow shouted ‘RED!’ we had to stop, ‘AMBER’ we had to get ready to go and ‘GREEN’ we could run. We then made up our own actions to play in the game, Luca made up ‘burst tyre’ where we had to find a friend to be the tyre on the floor and pump them up! James S. came up with ‘parked car’ where we had to pretend to park around the room. Logan made up ‘broken down’ where we had to lie on the floor and pretend to be stuck and Dylan came up with ‘reverse’ where we had to move around the room backwards.


We have been loving the Go-Noodle website this week! If we have any time at the end of the day or after lunch we can do a guided dance routine, a fine or gross motor skills activity or even a Moose rap!



I think everyone is now ready for the weekend!

Miss Dow 🙂

Week beginning 03.09.18

We have had another busy week in P3D!

Unfortunately there are not many photos to show for it.. (must get better at taking the ipad out!)



We have spent the last 2 weeks of ICT logging onto Sumdog which is a website that offers lots of numeracy games. Once you have completed a few games, it gives you games that are suited to your exact level.

As a class we have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and linking this to the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We have been joining in with some Youtube videos which we have loved as they are very funny with things like dogs in spacesuits and characters with shoes on their heads?! Here are the links in case you want to keep practising and improving at home too..


2 times table:

3 times table:

counting in 2s:

counting in 5s:


counting in 10s:


Writing: character descriptions

In writing this week we were doing another character description. We could choose from 6 characters to write about including Sonic the Hedgehog and Ash from Pokemon. We had to write about their voice, what they looked like and their size. Our challenge was to try and include a SIMILE. We have been learning about similes and how they compare one thing to another.


Gym: ball skills

In gym with Miss Macrae we have been improving our ball skills and throwing and catching games. She has been very impressed with our behaviour and listening skills in the gym hall.


Circle Time: Targets

In Circle Time this week we have been discussing our targets for term 1. We then  completed a target worksheet to go into our learning journeys to share our targets with parents and adults at home. These will be coming home next Friday.


Topic: Our Caring World

We have been thinking about WANTS and NEEDS. We drew around a child from the class and then were given post-its. On one post-it we had to think of something that we need to SURVIVE and stick it inside the outline of the child. On the other post-it we had to think of something we WANT but don’t need to survive. This was stuck on the outside of the child.


Well done everyone for your hard work this week. Have a lovely weekend. Miss Dow 🙂

First few days of Primary 3

Golden Rules

We looked at the Golden Rules to remind us of how we should behave in school. Each table got a different rule to think about and we had to write down examples that we might see in class which follow the rule.





For our first writing lesson we were thinking about lots of different characters. Each table were given a different character and had to write down as many adjectives as we could think of to describe the person. We then got to choose one of the  characters to write a description. We did really well and some of us even managed to include a simile!




We did a bit of revision of French colours. We used flash cards and had to say which colour Miss Dow was showing us. We then had to colour in a paint palette with the correct colours. We have been finding  colours around the classroom and saying the correct French word for them and even saying colours when we do the register.

Circle Time

In Circle Time we have been thinking about what makes us special and unique. We had to tell the circle things that we are good at and what makes us different to other boys and girls. When we went back to class we had to create a hand and on each finger we wrote a quality or strength that makes us unique.

Welcome to P3D!

Welcome back to Primary 3! I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing summer and are looking forward to what Primary 3 has in store for us all.

This blog is to keep you all updated with what we are getting up to in class and what we have been learning. Please feel free to leave comments about our wonderful work!

This is the timetable for some of our activities for Term 1. This will let you see when children will possibly be out of the classroom and when they may require additional resources.

Monday – Assembly, Reading day, ICT, homework due

Tuesday – Reading day, Circle Time

Wednesday – Gym with Miss Macrae, homework handed out

Thursday – Gym with Miss Macrae, Health and Wellbeing with Mrs Cox

Friday – Reading day, Library, Golden Time


A big well done to everyone who has already brought in the following items as part of week 1 homework. If you haven’t, please bring in these items as soon as possible:

  • named gym kit and indoor shoes
  • box of tissues
  • named art smock/apron (a parent’s old t-shirt would also suffice)
  • named wet weather activity

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