London 2012 – Olympic Games

In July last year Amy from Campbeltown Grammar school, saw her Scottish design become a winner of the Get Set London 2012 design competition. Amy’s creation has become an official regional version of “Mandeville”, the London 2012 Mascot.

We now have some more brilliant news!  Glasgow City Council is going to construct a 6ft sculpture of the Scottish Mandeville as part of its City Look Programme to decorate the city ready for the London 2012 Games!

The sculpture will be built near one of two central stations but the exact location is yet to be decided.  A similar Wenlock sculpture will be built at one of the two stations and the pieces will welcome visitors to Glasgow and celebrate Scotland’s role in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Amy’s design has obviously impressed city council members and inspired them to celebrate the London 2012 Games in Glasgow and her role in designing the Scottish Mandeville will be credited in a plaque on the sculpture.

3 thoughts on “London 2012 – Olympic Games

  1. What wonderful news! I\\\’m looking forward to seeing the sculpture in Glasgow. Well done Amy!
    My class have been making their own mascots online. They found the website following an interactive lesson about The Olympic Values.

  2. What’s the website address Mrs Glendinning? Maybe other schools could use it too!

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