3 thoughts on “Lochgilphead Dinner Ladies!!!

  1. Kilmartin PS children agree! We all had a wonderful Christmas dinner with plenty of helpings for everybody. Not easy to make a traveling Christmas dinner but Lochgilphead JC dinner ladies did us proud once again!

    Thank you

    from Kilmartin P.S.

  2. Well done for showing your appreciation to the dinner ladies. They do a brilliant job and always with a smile! Egg sandwiches a personal favourite. Have a great Christmas. See you in New Year.

  3. We’ve just had our lovely Christmas Dinner today with invited guests in from the community. The standard was excellent and much appreciated by all who attended. Lots of clean plates from the boys and girls which is always a good sign. Our dinner lady plays such an important part in our school and always goes that extra mile to make themed lunches that extra bit special.

    Well done to all the dinner ladies who have made countless Christmas Dinners throughout the area.

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