Tarbert Academy French / H.E. interdisciplinary project

For several years now, renowned Tarbert Chef, Pascal, has supported Tarbert Academy’s pupils in a unique way.  Teachers Christine Inglis and Heather Dixon from the French and Home Economics Departments work together to prepare pupils to receive a special cookery lesson delivered in the French language.  During this lesson, pupils have an opportunity to work with Pascal as he demonstrates the dish and then assists pupils to prepare it themselves.

Pupils often comment on how their French accent improves through this project, as do their cooking skills – and the food they prepare proves truly delicious!

S2 pupils have just completed the project – and once again it has been a great success.

This year, former pupil Alastair Stuart took part, accompanying Pascal and assisting pupils when they also prepared the dish.

Judy Gorman summarised the day in just three words – Fun!  Tasty! Great! While Tirek Korner said, It was good and tasty food, fun and challenging, exhausting!

Head Teacher, Catriona Hood, said ‘The school is most grateful to Pascal for his generosity with his time and for being so willing to share his skills and abilities with our pupils.  It was also great to welcome Ally back to school and it encourages current pupils to see a former pupil doing so well.’

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