The BIG DRAW on Lismore

Lismore Primary School enjoyed an exciting Drawing Week from 19th – 23rd November. The aim of the week was to get everyone involved and enjoying drawing and painting. Each day started with a ”Get Drawing” game such as Pictionary or Picture Consequences and then drawing, sketching and painting were included in our activities throughout the day.
On Monday the children learnt some technical drawing skills and created some fantastic straight lined curved patterns. They also learnt about Scottish artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. They then chose from a series of objects to draw using a variety of media including drawing pencils and oil pastels.

On Tuesday, artist Eileen Ramsay visited to talk about drawing, inventions and designs. She encouraged the children to use all their senses to inspire their artwork, by playing them music and giving them vivid descriptions as stimuli. In the afternoon, the children joined the Lismore Art Group for a session of painting and drawing. Each child joined with a member of the group to create a picture. The children really valued the advice they were given and are keen to return to the Art Group later in the year.
On Wednesday, the children enjoyed potato printing and learnt a bit about famous artist Leonardo da Vinci as well as making shapes using coordinates. They spent the afternoon outside using chalk and natural materials to make some installations.
On Thursday, cards were drawn and written to send as a thank you to the members of the Art Group for the really interesting afternoon of art. The children then designed posters for the upcoming craft fair using Microsoft Publisher to make some colourful pieces of work.
Friday was “Painting Day”. Each child had their own canvas. They used seascape and sunset photographs of Lismore as inspiration for their pictures. There was some careful planning before putting brush to canvas and the resulting pictures are very effective.

The children gained a huge amount of drawing confidence over the week and also enjoyed themselves greatly. They are already asking when we will be doing this again!

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  1. Thank you so much Lismore for embracing the Big Draw so exceptionally well and I hope you continue linking with the art group and KEEP DRAWING! It’s good for you!!!

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