The 489 Bus and Food for Thought at Kirn Primary

Kirn Primary School applied for Food for Thought Funding with DGS. Our intention was to embed in our school and local community an understanding of food education which permeates all areas of school life, curriculum and home.

We wanted to raise awareness in our community and further afield, of Cowal as a food tourism destination, inspiring our children to see potential for future careers within their own locality and beyond and grow ambition based on a practical, real life context for learning.
Our leaflet was one part of our application. We worked with West Coast Motors who came into school and worked with the pupils. We mapped local cafes and restaurants on the 489 bus route, engaging with local businesses to advertise food and services that they provide.

We then gathered information together and made into a format for marketing with the help of DGS computing staff and pupils.

The leaflet is something that we hope will benefit our local area, encouraging a wider awareness of opportunities to enjoy food and drink and socialise in the local community in a sustainable way.

It has been a huge TEAM EFFORT and we are all so proud of our young people, their creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

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