Clachan Primary School – 6th Green Flag

We are delighted to announce that Clachan Primary School have been awarded their 6th Green Flag. This shows we have been an Eco School with Green Flag Status for 10 years! Well done to all involved.
Here is the report we received;

Warmest congratulations to all at Clachan Primary on a fantastic, whole-school effort to renew your Green Flag status. I enjoyed reading your very child-friendly submission and thought that your photographs showcased well all the wonderful work going on in Clachan. You are very much using the local environment as a great resource for learning, monitoring progress well, sharing your successes via your website and with other schools locally, and forming links with helpful groups such as the GRAB Trust and the MCS, as well as overseas with your friends in Panama. I was particularly impressed by your initiative to reduce frozen food waste through the introduction of your Fish and Chip Fridays, and by the establishment of your Library Cafe and Book Exchange and Phone Box Book Exchange. The school has become a real community hub, providing an important social dimension to village life, as well as reducing waste. Well done! I was also pleased to see that you had already started to explore the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and I would encourage you to develop this further by choosing one Goal on which to focus, alongside your ongoing environmental activities, as you work towards renewing your status in 2020. Next time round, this renewal will be via our new, online system. Amazing work, everyone and keep up this great effort!

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