Astronomy Outreach

 Astronomy for Remote and Island Schools came to Bunessan Primary this week.   They ran workshops for the children all day and then stayed on for a Community event in the evening.  It was great to have real astrophysicists/astronomers in school at the start of lots of work we are going to do this term on Space.  The whole school was buzzing with energy and excitement as the children worked with real scientists covering a huge range of subjects, including Earth, Sun and Moon, the Solar System, Constellations and the Nature of Light.

The evening event attracted lots of visitors, despite atrocious weather.  All the children had the chance to share what they had been learning with family and friends.  The P7s, in particular, were able to develop leadership and presentation skills.  Needing to explain what was happening in an activity they were demonstrating (e.g. the Gravity Well, UV and infra-red light) helped to extend and deepen understanding.  The children also learned that there are lots of different types of interesting jobs they can aspire to in the future that are connected with space.



We highly recommend this outreach project if you get the chance to take part  The only disappointment was the cloudy sky which meant that we could not use their professional telescope. Unfortunately, the poor weather prevented the team from going across to Iona Primary the next day

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