Rockfield PS strengthens Community links with Scottish Water

Pupils in Primary 5 – Primary 7 were lucky enough to have class visits from representatives of Scottish Water. They provided a range of different activities for the pupils to try, including games and experiments. They were also able to provide very important information on a range of water related topics including –

  • The Water Cycle
  • Where our fresh, safe water comes from
  • Saving water at home
  • Health benefits of water
  • The treatment of waste water

The pupils also learned what a vital role Scottish Water Plays in our everyday lives


Scottish Water Key Facts

  1. Provides clean, safe & high quality drinking water to 2.4 million households
  2. And over 150,000 businesses across Scotland
  3. Every day they provide 1.3billion litres of clear, fresh drinking water
  4. They also take away 840 million litres of waste water, which is treated before it is returned to the environment

The new Tullich Water Treatment Works is being built about half a mile South of the school and is near completion. This new digital service will provide nearly 12 million litres of water every day and that’s enough water to fill 12 Olympic swimming pools every day!

Finally, Scottish Water are planning on burying a time capsule at their new Water Treatment Works once it is finished next year to mark the opening.



Time Capsule Challenge

Rockfield Primary School is being invited to help out by giving suggestions of what could be buried that would best represent Oban for anyone who would dig up the time capsule in 25 years time (in the year 2052!) A fascinating challenge for next year!

A huge big thank you to all of the representatives of Scottish Water, the pupils of Rockfield Primary School loved the presentation and gift of a water bottle for each pupil.



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