Good2Go programme

3128164-bluish-gymnastics-icon1-150x1501“Good2Go is a comprehensive health and wellbeing programme for all primary pupils. We have created 6 core lessons plans for early, first a second level, which cover topics outlined by the Scottish Government in their Child Healthy Weight Strategy. Completion of the full programme will allow you to meet all “Food and Health” HWB outcomes for early, first and second level.”

A folder with all resources needed, is on SALI for all teachers to access, under the Health and Wellbeing tab

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  1. Hi all!

    Just a quick comment about ordering resources. The full resource list will be available on HIRS within the next few days.

    When you are ordering the resources if you could put the delivery address to be our school nurses address we can delivery free of charge. This is because HIRS is a NHS resource so they will only deliver to NHS addresses. We have contacted all school nurses so they are aware of this.

    Please contact me if you need further support:

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