Digital Learning Strategy Consultation

Argyll and Bute Councils Digital Learning team have produced a draft Digital Learning Strategy which we would like to receive feedback on.

The Scottish Government launched a Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy in September 2016. The vision is that Scotland’s educators, learners and parents take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology in order to raise attainment, ambition and opportunities for all and that conditions are created to realise this vision and unlock the potential of digital technology in schools. The number of key curriculum developments within digital learning require teachers and learners to be confident and competent in the use of technology. Argyll and Bute establishments, staff and pupils must be ready to embrace the changes that will inevitably take place.

Digital Learning within Education in Argyll and Bute is more than just providing students with a device it is:

– a combined use of technology, use of digital content, creation of digital content and teaching

– technology is the tool, not the teacher

– the learning that pupils engage with, delivered through technology.


The document can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Digital Learning Strategy Consultation

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  1. On behalf of Colgrain Pre-Five unit and Primary School we are embracing digital technology and are so delighted at the positive impact on all of our pupils and thank you for the invite to engage with the Digital learning Consultation.

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