Achaleven’s Choc-tastic trip!

Chocolate Shop Workshop 016_webIt’s Fairtrade fortnight and Achaleven Primary are celebrating a very important product this year – cocoa. What better way to research than a trip to The Oban Chocolate Company! There was no shortage of staff volunteers for this trip where the pupils were able to learn where chocolate comes from, see what a cocoa pod looks like, as well as getting to sample the different types of chocolate available. They were also able to see the chocolatiers in action in the factory through the viewing window. The pupils then unleashed their decorating talents with their own chocolate designs of lollipops and truffles. The wonderful Chocolate Company staff then helped them box up their wares to take home.

Thank you Oban Chocolate Company for a very memorable, and tasty, school trip!

Chocolate Shop Workshop 036_web

Chocolate Shop Workshop 037_web

Chocolate Shop Workshop 040_web

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